Apr 17

The Pocket Rock It

Date: 7th April 2017

Line: DLR

Submitted by: N1C

People always say that guys in grey joggers are the hottest but let’s not forget this sexy guy in a grey hoodie. We just wonder what he’s playing with in his pocket? 

Jun 16

Dirty Knees Please

Date: 2nd June 2016

Line: Northern 

Submitted by: Jkalifornia

This lad has been getting down and dirty and is heading home from a hard days work on his knees. Coat underarm he’s ready for the heat on the tube! 

Mar 16

Lap him up 

Date: 25th March 2016

Line: Northern

Submitted by: PDP 
Wanna run laps with him or sit on his lap? Either way we’d lap him up! 

Feb 16

Workmans Knees


Date: 1st February 2016

Line: Piccadilly 

Submitted by: AJ
They say a woman’s work is never done but this hot guy has been working non stop! Look at his painters trousers – they’ve done some hours. We only hope he is as dirty in bed!! 

Aug 15

Capped Crusader


Date:  31st July 2015
Line: Circle

Submitted by: Plonks

Workman boots, ripped jeans, sports top and a whole heap of testosterone. This handyman could fix my leaky flange. 

Jan 15

D L Ahhhh


Date: 15th January 2015

Line: DLR

Submitted by: SGO

Wow this sexy workman was so hot that whoever sent him in couldn’t decide which pic was best. We’re not sure what makes him so special but it could just be his cute face or the fact that his helmet is by his knees.

Aug 14

Dirty Groin


Date: 31st August 2014

Line: Central Line

Submitted by: Socks

Ever wondered what those dirty workman get up to off the job? Well this cutie just hops aboard the central line and travels along hoping to be TubeCrushed – He succeeded, he may have a dirty groin but it’s you that has the dirty mind!

Oct 13

Just ‘Like’ Nike


Date: 22nd October 2013

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: @cartonsmilk

There are few brands that have such an internationally renowned slogan and logo. This Nike chap looks quite cute in his beanie hat, keeping him snug on his commute. If you would like to give him a tick(le) then hit the thumbs up or like this pic on Facebook.

Aug 13

The Look of Mormon


Date: 1st August 2013

Line: Northern

Submitted by: ABsee

This cute chap on the Northern line may be in the west end hit musical The Book of Mormon that or he could just be doing his job – the work of God. Who knows? What we do know is that ABsee thought he was quite fit and we like fit boys here at TubeCrush.

May 13

Adams Apples


Date: 8th May 2013

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Dudeinreflection

Not often can we say that a mans throat is the thing that draws attention to him but on this occasion (we shall call him Adam) it’s his Adams Apple that shows he has a deep voice and and even deeper moan – now now Eve’s please form an orderly queue!

Jan 13

Shiny Big Mac


Date: 28 December 12

Line: Piccadilly

Submitted by: Matt01273

Clearly this sexy guy doesn’t mind standing out wearing his hi-vis jacket. Not only do we think he is handsome he also has shiny shoes and you know what they say about men with shiny shoes!!

Oct 12

Knee Padded


Date: 10th October, 2012

Line: District

Submitted by: Annabelle

So the big hand strikes 5 and its time to clock off from a hard day working on your knees. This hard working bit of stuff is just the labourer you wouldn’t mind coming round to do some odd jobs….

Aug 12

Trouser Staines


Date: 29th July 2012

Line: Overground

Submitted by: Adrian Mc

Leaning on the post this hottie looks like he is taking a well deserved rest after a long days work painting and decorating or maybe plastering (check out them dirty trousers). Anyone got any stain remover he can borrow?

May 12

Clocking up Stare Miles

Date: 7th May 2012

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: Dollybird

Captured on his way out of London to Gatwick this captain was clearly doing a job swap with a member of the cabin crew when this picture was taken. Is he putting the doors to manual and doing a the cross check? (cue Britney’s toxic video) We can only imagine what the flight attendant will be saying on the PA system in the cockpit “This is your captain speaking, we are currently cruising at 4ft”

Apr 12

Boot Camp

Date: 8th April 2012

Line: Central Line

Submitted by: Ray

Looks like the Army have launched a new recruitment drive. Hot Army boys on the tube, sign me up!

Nov 11

Our Nation’s Finest

Date: 2nd November 2011

Line: Circle Line

Submitted by: Ayers

The idea of camouflage is to blend in with your surroundings not stand out in the crowd, but the problem is on the London Underground since TubeCrush started, if you are handsome then you stand out. We would love to follow this chap back to the barracks and show him a good time! Who wants to come with us?

Sep 11

Ho, Ho, Ho – Green Giant

Date: 28th September 2011

Line: Waterloo and City

Submitted by: Stacey

We are all familiar that eating our five a day will make us big and strong. Strong enough to play team sports, go the the gym and lift weights. So when Stacey saw this guy she came over a-fluster with excercise ideas and rules for eating. The infamous Green Giant advert promotes the rule ‘you are what you eat’ so Stacey quite liked the idea of being a footballer.

Sep 11

Lacrosse’d Legged


Date: 19th September 2011

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Sally2020

Sat comfortably with his equipment safely resting on his inner thigh, this sporty hunk couldn’t be happier on his journey home from practice. Sally said she had to get off before he did, which was a shame as we wouldn’t mind knowing where to get off with him!

Sep 11

Soccer PM

Date: 14th September 2011

Line: Bakerloo

This guy was spotted mid journey, either A) On his way back from a fancy dress party dressed as an A-List footballer or (more likely) B) On his way back from playing a game of football. Whats that between his legs? No not that, we mean his leather jacket/bag!! Who doesnt like a field sports man..those thighs = sighs.

Jul 11

Booty Call

Date: 11th July 2011

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: PHM

Never judge a book by its cover! This sexy specimen of a guy is not in the construction injury, he is wearing the latest in commuter safety gear the ‘steel toe cap boot’. Because its better to be safe than sorry, (especially on the Victoria line) those women with their sultry high heels can do more harm than good in the morning rush hour. At least when the carriage gets packed he has got the right protection.