Book Worm Beauty

Date: 28th May 2011

Line: Circle

Submitted by:@Laura_pye

Damn, just when we thought paper books had been replaced by thin plastic e-books along comes this hunk. He could be almost classed as the ‘Mary Poppins’ of commuters as he most certainly is ‘Practically Perfect in Every Way’ . Forget a spoon full of sugar i’ll have a handful please!



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  1. very beautiful…very sexy…very hot…. just not enough words. YUM!

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  2. I think the girl next to him watched the Ring video.

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  3. este morenazo, que se parece al futbolista CESC, es una monada. Ganará menos dinero que Cesc pero lee más jejejeje, muy sexy

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  4. nice jacket!

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  5. Captured again this week!

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  6. Well that is one of the reasons I miss the London tube to bad. Duuuuh I really do hope they have the same specimens in Montreal!

    (other reasons why I miss TFL services include major delays on the weekends, stopping between two stations without any apparent reason, waiting for like ever to catch a district line train at 6 pm…)

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  7. This one is very cute. Love a man with culture. Love a man that reads. Love a man that looks like that.

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  8. nice jacket!

    Anyone happrn to know where his jacket is from? Been looking for one like that for months. And if anyone knows where I can get a guy like this too…

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  9. Shallowsister2

    ticks all the boxes not to mention the one where designer stubble is still sexy.

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