About Tube Crush

Welcome to Tube Crush™ where your chance encounter from the tube line can be shared on-line. This website was set up to pay ‘Homage to the Hommes’ on our infamous transportation infrastructure. Here you can view pages of Tube Crush™ guys going about their daily lives often not knowing the joy they bring to their fellow passenger admirers.

The premise is simple: ‘See, Snap, Share’. See a crush, discretely snap him with your phone or if you’re brave enough ask him to pose for you! Send your pic to us with your name (or alias), name of the tube line you were travelling on to share the guy candy with our many online followers.

Our fanbase browse our many photographs, add comments, rate other crushes and share with their friends – think of it as an underground admiration.

So if you’re on the Bakerloo tonight or at your Mansion House tomorrow who knows you too could be our next Tube Crush™.