3…2…1…and Smoulder!

Date: 12th August 2011

Line: London Overground

Submitted By: Diamante

Either this guy goes around London with a permanent smould on or he knew he was getting TubeCrushed and put on his best Tyra Banks face. Is this London Overground’s Next Top model? I think we’ll need to take a closer look before we can say for certain.



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  1. I agree
    I knew the UK had all the best guys
    I hate you guys, dying of jealousy

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    • Omg I have just seen this picture of me, I’m very flattered Girls find me on Facebook and maybe we can hook up or atleast talk on the tube FB: Omar Mani xx

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  2. Lumberjack Shirt Man

    OMG what a dream boat…!!! His translucent complexion and nonchalant demeanour reminds me of Rpats in Twilight but his baby blond hair brings to mind a Nazi Officer… Wow what a trouser tenting combination..!!!

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