Legal Information

Legal Statement

The aim of our site is in no way to infringe on people’s personal right to privacy instead we celebrate the attractiveness of any subjects in photos that we receive and publish online.  It is not illegal to take photos of people on the London underground network or in a public place where you wouldn’t expect privacy however if you are featured in one of our posts and would prefer to have your photo removed then please see the section on photo removal below.

For more information on the laws regarding taking photos of people:

Photo Removal

If you are featured in any of the photos on our site and you object to its presence, then you are free to ask for it to be removed, completing the ‘Photo Removal Request‘ form on our website. Once we have received the request we will email a reply within 24 hours to request either a link to, or an attachment of a recent photograph that demonstrates that you are the person featured on the website. The reason we do this is to protect your identity and verify that you are the person/s in the image also there are many spam bots that trawl websites and complete web forms such as this with spamming data and we have found this verification method to be the most robust.

Communication with people featured in photos and photo submitters

Please note that in the event where an individual communicates with another person who was either the subject of a photo featured  on or was the submitter of a photo on is done so at the risk of that individual. In this regard, shall in no circumstances be liable for direct or indirect damage to the individual, person featured in the photo, or submitter of the photo where their respective behaviour contributed to the occurrence of the damage he/she claims to have suffered.

Our Trademarks

Tubecrush “RTM”

Tube Crush “RTM”

We have registered our brand with the intellectual property office. Our brand should not be used without our permission – to contact a member of our team to discuss this in more detail please email