Apr 18

DSFW – Definitely Suitable For Work

Date: 2nd April 2018

Line: Circle

Submitted by: Cornwell

This scrummy man has a look that makes us want to bite our lip and curl our toes…. join us?

Jan 18

Gorgeous Gym Guy

Date: 24th January 2018

Line: Circle

Submitted by: Pman

Wowzers this handsome chap is looking super sexy in all black. With his headphones on and clearly zoned into his phone he really does appear to be unaware of the pleasure he is bringing to his fellow passengers.

Dec 17

What a big…

Date: 17th August 2017

Line: District

Submitted by: LukeF

Water Bottle to be carrying around with him! Well its half full (or empty depending on the kind of person you are) so at least hes keeping hydrated! This guy clearly works out – those big arms and the veins popping up through his thighs grrrr – must be leg day.

Sep 17

Spandex Sex
















Date: 6th September 3017

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: a$$

A gorgeous chap in his workout gear. We love to see a guy in spandex or Lycra makes looking at all the assets easier!!!

Apr 17

Sporty & Damn Cute

Date: 17th April 2017

Line: Northern 

Submitted by: Gretal 

We can’t quite see if those are compression tights or shin pads on this sexy sporty Chappy. It seems that Gretal got caught taking the picture or Mr Hot Stuff is posing knowing he just got Tubecrushed.

Dec 16

Right Looker

Date: 16th October 2016

Line: Northern Line

Submitted by: Adrian 

We love a cute guy in jeans and trainers. There must be something exciting going on to the right of this guys carriage – look over here sexy and give us a smile. 

Dec 16

Red Laces and Cute Faces  

Date: 11th December 2016

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Delamare

When a hot guy is wearing tracksuit bottoms we just can’t resist. Oh to be that rucksack between his legs!

Aug 16

Backpack and Nap

Date: 22nd August 2016

Line: Northern

Submitted by: GoldM

When it all gets too much and you rest your weary head on your arm in the hopes your journey is nearly finished. #armnap

Apr 16

Seen in the dark


Date: 16th March 2016

Line: Overground 

Submitted by: AWA

If this guy was running through the park at night and you wanted to chase his sexy ass then go right ahead – his high-vis clothing will have you caught up with him in no time. 

Jan 16

Warm Up Cool Down


Date: 19th January 2016

Line: Overground

Submitted by: JoeMc

Look at this hottie, well he must be hot on the top half what with that scarf and jacket. Not that were complaining about the bottom half – football legs hmmmm. 

Nov 15

Very White Trainers


Date: 2nd September 2015

Line: DLR

Submitted by: E14 
Ohhh New Shoes? This guy looks pretty hot in a raw kinda way. Tattoos and skinhead and a gym bag between his legs make him a hot bit of train totty.

Oct 15

A nice state 


Date: 28th September 2015

Line: District

Submitted by:  Otiumcumdignitate
You can’t beat a lad with matching shoes and shorts. We can’t work out if he is peeking over his hand or sniffing his fingers? What do you think? 

Oct 15

iPad Protein Power


Date: 8th September 2015

Line: Northern Line

Submitted by: SpeedoLondon

1 scoop of powder, 1 litre of Evian and 2 big thighs = 1 hot Tubecrush.  

Sep 15

Inner Thighs Attract Eyes


Date: 25th September 2015

Line: District

Submitted by: Harker

Now we know where KFC, Chicken Cottage, Nandos and Dallas Chicken get their thighs from! Yum Yum! 

Sep 15

Armoured and Sleeved


Date: 6th September 2015

Line: Northern 

 Submitted by: SK
Clearly on his way to or from the gym this sexy guy has enough arm tats to keep any tattoo fan coming back for more. 

Sep 15

Parting to Toe

Date: 14th August 2015

Line: DLR

Submitted by: SE1Adam

With a perfect hair parting that you could stand a coin in right the way down to this sexy chaps calf muscles he does it for us. Does he do it for you? 

Aug 15

Batman seen on the DLR


Date: 24th August 2015

Line: DLR

Submitted by: Jay

Shoulders of a Greek god and the strength of Batman – this sexy guy could be our superhero anyday.

Aug 15

Sexy Crocodile

Date: 7th August 2015

Line: Northern 

Submitted by: Anja 
Could this guy be any hotter? Such a cute, chiselled face and a fashionable street look that makes us believe he is a snappy dresser. 

Aug 15

Hair up face down


Date: 2nd August 2015

Line: Northern 

Submitted by: Scott

With his head looking down to his iPhone (probably) playing candy crush saga, this sexy guy can’t help but draw attention to his hot toned arms and a perfectly coiffed Barnet. Something to run your hands over and through! Tick tick yes please.

Aug 15

Beardy Bag Man


Date: 3rd August 2015

Line: Piccadilly

Submitted by: DRobins

There is something extraordinary sexy about a shaved head guy with facial hair – we just want to give him a big kiss and get beard rash. But he needs to move his packed lunch off of his lap first.