Photo and Comment Guidelines

We receive a large quantity of photos that we cannot use for a whole host of reasons, some of which are listed below. Before you submit your photo, please make sure that it is suitable by checking the following guidelines.

We won’t publish photos that:

– Are too low resolution. We need the photo to be at least 800 x 600 px. If you email a photo from an iPhone, please email it as ‘large’.

-Feature a minor or someone we think may be under the age of 18.

-Is not an identifiable train on the London Underground network or commuter train within London. Sorry guys, but if they’re on a bus or a metro train in another city, we can’t use it. This includes people on the platform before they get on the train.

-Appear to be or are staged. We won’t use any photo that looks like it’s a setup, so don’t cheekily try and get your friends on here boys and girls.

– Are Blurred. Although we sometimes make exceptions for this, we try to ensure that all photos are clear. If the photo you submit is blurred, it most likely won’t go up.

-Have appeared on another site or publication. We want original photos, so if we’ve seen your snap on another site, it won’t be used.

-The person you’re snapping is too far away or not in the foreground of the photo.

-The person you’re snapping is asleep. Sorry, this just doesn’t sit right with us.


Please also bear in mind that by submitting a photo to us, you give us your consent to use your photo unconditionally and without remuneration.




All comments are moderated before they are published on the site. We will not publish that contain any of the following:

-Abuse on the basis of race, creed, sexual orientation, ethnicity or of any other discriminatory nature.

-The name or contact details of the people featured in any of the photos. This is to protect the identity of people who may not wish to be featured or may not know they are on our site.

-Anything that may be libelous or derogatory to the person featured in the photo.

-Links to external sites for commercial purposes.

-Anything that we deem inappropriate or offensive.