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Fauna from Shanghai writes about how the men on the London Underground are causing a stir in China.




More of a diverse article on how Tubecrush has been used as a counter argument for sexism, objectification and sexual desire between the sexes.

Article link here




China got its second taste of Tubecrush in August as the countries Twitter equivalent went mad for Tubecrush 



The Beijing News did a great interview with Steve Motion the founder of Tubecrush – exploring the success of the site.




We stumbled upon a GIF we wanted to share – So So True –




What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander! 

Read the full article on what makes Tubecrush the website that it is



An interview with one of the founders of Tubecrush and a look at how sites like Tubecrush could connect strangers for dating or more.

Click this link to see the full piece online.




Poorna Bell wrote an interesting piece comparing us to another Tube related blog and discussing how women objectify men.






A candid interview that we took part in on how Tubecrush is different to the women who eat on tubes Facebook page that was taken down due to public outcry.

APRIL 14 – Femail Daily Mail Online


A very controversial look at how Tubecrush compares to other blogs that feature pictures of people on the tube.

Daily Mail Online – Fanmail 

NOVEMBER 13 – Westminster News Online

So you always wanted to be featured on Tubecrush but are just not sure how to increase your chances? Well the kind folks over at Westminster News Online (Prisca Simango) put together an online piece on how to increase your chances:

WNOL Click the image to visit the blog and share it with all the Guys you know that want to get their picture taken!


OCTOBER 13 – Who is next to you?

Tubecrush news hit Poland this week with an article about the website featured on the popular and printed in Gazeta Wyborcza on the 22nd October 2013.

Polish TC Click the link to read the article (you might need to view in a browser that translates if Polish is not your mother tongue)


AUGUST 13 – MSN News

MSN heard the news from the telegraph and Emma Flanagan wrote a small piece on taking sneaky snaps. You can check out her article by clicking here.



JUNE 13 – The Sun Newspaper


The Sun newspaper did a piece on Tubecrushing and how women across the capital are enjoying snapping pictures of guys that they fancy and sharing them with their friends online.

Sun Crush


MARCH 13 – Emma Bunton goes ‘Tubecrushing’

So its not just mere ‘normal’ folk that take their camera phones into the tube with them to spot sexy boys. Apparently the craze is popular with celebrities to! The lovely Emma Bunton @EmmaBunton was spotted on the northern line getting a little embarrassed as she was riding the tube checking out the hot totty in the carriage. Hiding behind a copy of The Metro she almost went unnoticed!

Bunton Metro Click the image to take a look at the article.

Emma Bunton is not the only fan of taking the Tube and looking out for hot Tubecrushes – Geri Halliwell was also seen giving it a go – surely the hole in the paper was to disguise her smartphone!

Check out her Tube Tips that she tweeted.

geri on tube


MARCH 13 – Buzz Bournemouth

The big old question of why only men is asked when Rosanna Cole interviews Steve Motion one of the founders of our website. Will we be seeing women featured on the website also? Take a look at the video and see…

Youtube Interview




 DECEMBER 12 – Tubecrush gets a .gif

Now everyone knows you can spend hours clicking funny .Gifs online. Now we have our very own GIF for when you find out your boyfriend has been photographed by a stranger and uploaded to the website:



JULY  12 – World Pride


This years Pride was all about decriminalising homosexuality worldwide and achieving global equality for LGBT people. TubeCrush hit the world by appearing in the World Pride march starting in Baker Street and ending in Trafalgar Square on the 7th July. Armed with some specially printed flyers and comedy promotional stickers some of the Tubecrush team put their feet to the street and walked the parade route despite the wet weather! Here are a few photographs from the team and our supporters. Huge thanks to those who helped us on the day!
If you want to get smoking hot abs like Nyisha and Gabriel then they can help you with a PT session here are their details*


*Mention you saw them on TubeCrush for a special discount!



Tubecrush is proud to be featured in the updated London city guide ‘Eccentric London’ by Ben Le Vay.

Synopsis: A Tesco on every corner, Boden catalogues piled through the letterbox, and Center Parcs holidays – Britain has been overrun by all-pervasive corporate sameness. Or has it? Ben le Vay – expert on all things eccentric – reveals the quirky gems hidden near your home.

Buy a copy and rememember to show all your friends and family our pages!



JUNE 12 – Marie Claire SA

The editor of Marie Claire in South Africa @AspasiaKarras is a huge TubeCrush fan and recently featured us on her microsite.

JANUARY 12 – Sabotage Times

Sabotage Times

Suzi Smith writes “As ever, the genius is in the simplicity. People take pictures of blokes they fancy and bang them up on Tube Crush with a testimonial” take a look at the article and see how “Stalking Men just got easier

DECEMBER 11 – Community Channel TV

Helena Poole from London360 interviewed us to discuss how Tubecrush was here to stay and how some people have even found love by being featured on Tubecrush.

Read the article here

Community Channel


DECEMBER 11 – Fashion Indie

Lester Braithwaite published a well received article on TubeCrush and on Fashion Indie – the article received over 2 million views.

DECEMBER 11 – New York Times (Yep – I know thats pretty cool)

 AUSTIN CONSIDINE writes “One More Thing Goes to the Web: Subway Ogling” with a huge piece of publicity across the pond in New York.

One of the proudest moments of starting our website was it being featured in the NY Times – take a look at Austins article here and learn how we took the success of Tubecrush overseas.


OCTOBER 11 – We get added to Wikipedia 

SEPTEMBER 11 – Hot off the net!

Hot off the net reported on us raising the issue of being idolised without even knowing you featured on the site. The presenter discussed the many opinions people have of TubeCrush.

AUGUST 11 – Sugarscape

Lauren Franklin is a Tubecrush fan and decided to write about the phenomenon in a piece in SugarScape the leading teen magazine. A well received photo piece that features some of the hotties from the website – click this link and scroll through the gallery. Lauren is also a very interesting character to follow on Twitter @Franklinsays


AUGUST 11 – TubeCrush on the BEEB!

You may be one of our new fans reading this because of our recent appearance on the BBC technology website. On Thursday 25th August 2011, we made the news by coming the top read artice on the page for a piece that we did with reporter Matthew Cooke highlighting how has become a ‘Worldwide Phenomenon’. The piece discussed how people often see others they find attractive on the tube and how technology now plays a role in how people connect with one another. One of the guys snapped for the site Adam Moger talked about how he found out he was featured on TubeCrush some 3 days after being photographed and how he felt about being published online.

Matthew also interviewed some members of the public to find out their opinions on and being photographed and appearing on a website, the man in the video said “Go for it!” adding “I wouldnt have a problem if it was me being photographed, Its a bit of fun really“. The piece raised issues on privacy and the consequence of the social networking revolution, highlighting the fact that websites such as Facebook, Twitter and many others publish photographs of people without their knowledge on a daily basis. As we have always stated here at TubeCrush we celebrate the attractiveness of men on the London Underground so would never write commentry that would offend or point fun at them, and should anyone feel that they would prefer to not be featured they can always request their photograph be removed.

If you didnt get a chance to read the piece then follow the link here and share it with your friends.

Tubecrush came above the story about the resignation of Steve Jobs from Apple in the most read technology news on the BBC on the 25th August 2011!!


JULY 11 – Add TubeCrush to your I-Phone

We are still developing our Iphone app but in the meantime have added a sexy way to keep Tubecrush on your Iphone screen so you can access the site quickly and easily when you need a TubeCrush fix. Wanna know how to do it? Follow our step by step instructions;

Step 1 – Open Safari on your phone and navigate to

Step 2 – Click the action icon and then ‘Add to Home Screen

Step 3 – Edit the name to ‘TUBECRUSH’

Step 4 – Move the icon where you want it – Put it on the main page you know you want to!

Step 5 – Launch it to navigate to your favourite website

Give us your feedback by emailing – Also if you have any ideas for features for our IPhone app then let us know.

You can also do this for other models of phones to create a web shortcut – get experimenting to add us to your home screen.

JULY 11 – TubeCrush goes Stateside

Yesterday we launched our US site with New York being the parent state. We have had a huge following across the pond since went live back in March 2011 and now New Yorkers can get involved on the Subway at We have been receiving lots and lots of photos but we need to spread the word! If you know anyone in the US of A who would love to see the site then please spread the word, and if you know any budding photographers in the city then let them know! Remember the site isn’t just for residents of New York, anyone in any country can check out the hot guys and keep up to date with the latest by following the US twitter account @subwaycrushnet or like us on Facebook by clicking here!

Keep Crushing!

JUNE 11 – Our Favourite Loose Women

The lovely Loose Women ladies gave us a special mention at the Clapham street party on Saturday 25th June, whilst we were there raising money for GMFA. After discussing TubeCrush on ITV’s Loose Women show back in April, Carol and Sherrie gave us a special mention at the south London street party last week.

TubeCrush was a topical discussion on the show back on Tuesday 19th of April where they discussed whether we were sexist or sexy fun. The debate lasted for a whole segment of the show, with one of the guys featured on the site getting in contact with the ladies to say since appearing on TubeCrush he had become a bit of a blogging celebrity and got a modelling job!

On Saturday Carol and Sherrie joined in the festivities and hosted an auction with varying prizes including a trip around the Loose Women studios!

We took a few photographs (thats what we do best after-all!) so take a look. If you would like to donate money to GMFA which is a great London charity then you can visit their virgin giving page.

Carol saying wonderful words about TubeCrush!

Sherrie smiles for her first TubeCrush picture!

Steve, Carol, Mark (Carols super hot boyfriend), Sherrie all enjoying a tipple in the sun.

Going, Going Gone!

MAY 11 – MetaFilter

Dim Siawns started a post to discuss if Tubecrush is sexist, artistic or otherwise – read some of the comments and bring the conversation to life by adding your opinion. 

MAY – 2011 – Daily Candy

Tubecrush gets featured on Daily Candy – Take a look at how to hook up on the tube!


Daily Candy

APRIL 2011 Pocket-lint

On the back of the publicity in the Evening Standard PopcketLint made us Website of the day. Check out the discussion here.

pocket lint

APRIL – 2011 London Evening Standard

Our first big piece of coverage was written by Jenni Marsh and published in the evening standard. We thought that the interview that we gave for it would end up in a small column in the middle somewhere but instead we got featured on the front page of the newspaper that went to print and also had a double page spread of coverage.

You can read the online article here and discover just how Tubecrush was born.