Jul 17

Mellow Yellow

Date: 8th July 2017

Line: Piccadilly 

Submitted by: @TimmyLDN

This mellow yellow fellow is quite the summer treat. Handsome and packed like suitcase. Clearly he’s got the muscles going on too. Swoon…. 

Jul 17

Beats Off Audio

Date: 6th July 2017

Line: Piccadilly 

Submitted by: Adrian 

Wow this guy is smoking hot like a summer BBQ. He seems lost in music with his big headphones on. You know what they say about guys with big headphones!!! 

Dec 16

Toms Daley Commute 

Original post from May 2015

Line: Circle / Piccadilly

Submitted by: Anna

Hey sexy Tom, you have already made it – twice Olympic medal winner and now you have made it on to Tubecrush twice. What else can we say apart from you are getting hotter with age and are looking fine as usual sir!!!

Apr 16

Snakes on a train


Date: 31st March 2016

Line: Piccadilly 

Submitted by: ddbg 

It’s not often we get two hotties sat next to each other, let alone with an eyeful of trouser snake. Hot to trot, or canter or gallop or woah horsey!


Mar 16

Pocket Pool Arms

Date: 26th March 2016

Line: Piccadilly Line 

Submitted by: LV

This guys handsome stance shows off his arms and chest. We wouldn’t mind knowing what’s in his pocket though! 

Feb 16

Workmans Knees


Date: 1st February 2016

Line: Piccadilly 

Submitted by: AJ
They say a woman’s work is never done but this hot guy has been working non stop! Look at his painters trousers – they’ve done some hours. We only hope he is as dirty in bed!! 

Jan 16

Big Smacker


Date: September 15

Line: Piccadilly 

Submitted by: Se1Adam 

Snacking on McDonalds and getting his caffeine kick from Redbull this hottie would be someone we would jump on and kiss – we may be too late…. is that lipstick on his leg? And those tats! Mmmmm 

Nov 15

3 Some thing

Date: 25th November 2015

Line: Piccadilly 

Submitted by: DG

Spanish hottie spotted today on the Piccawilly line. Looks like he likes the number 3 anyone wanna join us?

Oct 15

Rapid Transfer Totty


Date: 25th February 2015

Line: Piccadilly

Submitted by: PT

Oh what would it take to be that suitcase between his legs? 

Oct 15

Spec Shavers


Date: 17th February 2015

Line: Piccadilly

Submitted by: Dingling 
We have had so much stubble and beard appreciation on this blog over the years we thought it about time to bring you some baby faced realness. Throw in some glasses just to keep the hipsters happy and voila – another dreary Tubecrush pun was born. 

Sep 15

Fluff ‘N’ Tough Stuff


Date: 28th August 2015

Line: Piccadilly Line

Submitted by: N.Wel

This rough bit of stuff (the suitcase) has a really fluffy owner and we cant help but fall in love with him, his cute face and turn up jeans.

Aug 15

Putting on a show

glasses checkered

Date: 23rd July 2015

Line: Piccadilly

Submitted by: Blamo

Well it may not be this cutie that is putting the show on but there is certainly lots to see. His handsome boy next door looks make us want to get stubble rash.

Aug 15

Beardy Bag Man


Date: 3rd August 2015

Line: Piccadilly

Submitted by: DRobins

There is something extraordinary sexy about a shaved head guy with facial hair – we just want to give him a big kiss and get beard rash. But he needs to move his packed lunch off of his lap first.

Aug 15

Got Wood?


Date: 31st July 2015

Line: Picadilly 

Submitted by: Simone 
This handsome lad looks a little lost, looking at the tubemap just wondering if he has past ‘Wood’ or not. Nope matey you have ‘Wood’ right now.

Jul 15

Starry Eyed Surprise

Date: 23rd July 2015

Line: Piccadilly Line 

Submitted by: LV

We’re not really into horoscopes but if his Jupiter was in our Uranus there would be good times had by all. 

May 15

Paper Round (Two)


Date: 1st May 2015

Line: Piccadilly 

Submitted by: @fmmorganwilliams

Did you have a paper round when you were younger? No neither did we but if we could choose a hottie to drop round our news fix it would be this sexy guy. We’d just make sure our house was the last drop and invite him in to give him his weekly tip! 

Apr 15

Parting Company


Date: 24th April 2015

Line: Piccadilly  

Submitted by: AussieRob

This handsome chap had his nose in City AM on his commute. We think he looks quite sexy with his very neat parting.

Apr 15

Spotted Puppy Dog


Date: 5th April 2015

Line: Piccadilly

Submitted by: Hills

You know that horrendous moment you are taking an awkwardly angled #Tubecrush and the hottie in question looks at you with big puppy dog eyes? Yeah That. 

Apr 15

Lean Mean Grilling Machine


Date: 2nd April 2015

Line: Piccadilly

Submitted by: Laura  

This guy’s so hot we got distracted and let the George Foreman grill burn our pork loins 

Mar 15

Shh He’s a Stunner

Date: March 2015

Line: Piccadilly 

Submitted by: Fashionista

This cute commuter has a glimmer in his eye and a hand on his prize as he looks sideways at a fellow passenger. The chemistry is there but did they act on it we wonder? A Tubecrush caught crushing on camera!