Red Hot Stripe


Date: 10th July 2011

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Carol

Since the drinking ban was applied to the tube network a few years ago it’s now rare to see anyone with a beer in hand. This toned hunk is actually covered in Red Stripe lager all over his torso, It would be good if his T-shirt was confiscated so we could all check him out!



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  1. How come we don’t have this level of HOTNESS in Singapore? OK, maybe there are some BUT we want more.. haha.

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  2. Totally WARM and LOVABLE like a puppy. I’ll have t/his dog anytime!

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  3. Que belo garoto, olhem a barba dele que sensual.

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  4. Very adorable.

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  5. so sexy

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  6. god, Is he real? so hot…

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  7. Rosie MacGill

    Well I have been with this Hunk, His cock was delish!

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  8. pretty boy.

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