Mar 17

Blow My Whistle 

Date: 21st March 2017

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: BL

This cute commuter has whistle technique that even Flo-Rida would be proud of. Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby, Let me know…

I’m gonna show you how to do it

And we start real slow

You just put your lips together

And you cum real close

Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby

Here we go…. 

Mar 17

The Cute North Face

Date: 2nd March 2017

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: Monica

We love how cute this guy looks whilst he’s gazing across the tube carriage. Hair on pointe and keeping nice and warm in his fleece! The perfect cuddle bunny. 

Jan 17

Woolly Hat Matt

Date: 30th January 2017

Line: Jubilee 

Submitted by: Taylor

This guys eyes make us weak at the knees! We cannot confirm his name is Matt but he looks like a Matt in his knitted hat! 

Dec 16

Beautiful Eyes

Date: 9th October 2016

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: Lord James

According to James this guy was absolute perfection in the flesh. He looks just as dreamy in a picture. Now take your hand out of your mouth hot stuff and blow us a kiss! 

Dec 16

The Incredible Bulk

Date: 6th December 2016

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: MH

Have you ever been travelling on the Jubillee line just waiting for the hottie by the door to rip his clothes off and turn into a super hero? Just us then!! 💪🏻🏋🏼

Jan 16

Ravishing Redhead


Date: 16th June 15

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: Dan

We love ginger nuts*, and something is drawing us to this guys lap – nice hands and nice shapely jeans!!! 

*- The biscuits – you guys have such dirty minds 

Aug 15

To be perfectly Frank


Date: 5th April 2015

Line: Jubilee Line

Submitted by: Tavicente

Literally Perfect!


Aug 15

3 stripes and you’re  out

Date: 22nd August 2015

Line: Jubilee Line

Submitted by: girrygiraffe

This stubbly hottie was spotted at Waterloo. We’re not sure if he always carries his Adidas bag like this but it sure does show off his nice arms!

Jul 15

Floral Fitty


Date: 7th July 2015

Line: Jubilee 

Submitted by: Blamo 
It’s a good job that lady doesn’t suffer from hayfever with the amount of flowers on this handsome chaps shirt. 

Jun 15

Pec’in Perfect


Date: 6th June 2015

Line: Jubilee Line

Submitted by: Sean

This handsome so and so is surely only wearing glasses on the tube as all those camera flashes were blinding him. 

Mar 15

Easter Bunny Boy


Date: 18th March 2015

Line: Jubilee 

Submitted by: Twitter User 

Dressed in all black like the milk tray man is this sexy guy your secret Easter egg delivery boy this Easter? I’m sure he could deliver up something sweet if he put his mind to it.

Mar 15

The Colour (and taste) of Love

Date: 16th January 2015

Line: Jubilee 

Submitted by: Elgin

We don’t normally accept black and white images for Tubecrush but we saw this guy and thought “sod it – he’s far too beautiful not to post” if tasting really is believing then which part of him would you lick first?

Mar 15

Jubilee Hotness


Date: 6th March 2015

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: CityBoy

So the temperature in London today was quite comfortable as the sun was shining on us all, but imagine how uncomfortable it must have been for this sexily suited guy. To be that hot already with the sun shining down on your black tie suit – strip please Mr!

Jan 15

Christmas Spices


Date: September 14

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: Jess

Is it just us or can you smell sweet nutmeg around this hottie? Must be the last of the mulled wine being quaffed before 12th night.

Dec 14

Pink Tatted Tuber


Date: 9th December 2014

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: Bluesyyle

You know what they say about boys in pink making the girls wink? No? neither do we but this hottie with his tats out and his big arms makes us wink, groan and quiver.

Sep 14

Thors BIG Brother


Date: Today

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: Gingabeans

It’s hard not to Marvel over this sexy guy, he doesn’t need a hammer his thighs could crush a baddie in one fell swoop.

Sep 14

Smile Miles


Date: 23rd August 2014

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: Tom

So we all collect points whether on your Tesco Clubcard, Airmiles or Nectar but what this guy is giving out you will want to join the loyalty club. A cute smile and handsome face are all he needs, please form an orderly line folks….

Jul 14

A Vested Development


Date: 25th July 2014

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: lovelads48

It’s always nice to see a hot guy working a deep tank top vest on the tube. What would you use as your best chat up line?

May 14

Being Canine (and human)



Date: 21st January 2014

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: Rocky

We do not normally publish pictures that are selfies but we had to make an exception for this one. Here @russelltovey the hunk of BBC3’s Him and Her, Being Human and most recently hitting the screens of the USA in Looking is on his morning commute with his dog. We just love Russell and believe he is totally Tubecrush worthy. If you agree give him the thumbs up and share this post.

Apr 14

Green Pipes and Gillets


Date: 21st June 2013

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: Crawford

This sexy guy is in need of a plumbers mate, with his long green pipe jeans and slicked back hair we could be forgiven for thinking he’s been on his back rodding someone’s pipes. Well actually probably not but it’s an interesting thought.