Dec 16

Lips that do tricks 

Date: 10th December 2016

Line: Circle 

Submitted by: AD

Is it just us or does this hottie have a certain Olly Murs going on about him? Our heart just skipped a beat and we want to kiss those plump lips 👄!

May 15



Date: 22nd May 2015

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by:  Radcj

You know when you see someone and they have an infectious smile? Yeah… That’s why we love this guy.

Jan 15

D L Ahhhh


Date: 15th January 2015

Line: DLR

Submitted by: SGO

Wow this sexy workman was so hot that whoever sent him in couldn’t decide which pic was best. We’re not sure what makes him so special but it could just be his cute face or the fact that his helmet is by his knees.

Dec 14

Watching A Hottie


Date: 19th December 2014

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Mo

This sexy dude is hot, with his timepiece on full display could he be counting down the hours till Christmas? We know what we would like from Santa – this guy naked in wrapping paper.

Sep 14

Strap (hanger) On


Date: 20th July 2014

Line: Circle Line

Submitted by: Shazza

Holding on to the grab rail incase some hot piece of ass swipes him off his feet to never be seen again. Shazza said she thought he had a sexy French accent – oui oui j’adore!

Sep 14

Smile Miles


Date: 23rd August 2014

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: Tom

So we all collect points whether on your Tesco Clubcard, Airmiles or Nectar but what this guy is giving out you will want to join the loyalty club. A cute smile and handsome face are all he needs, please form an orderly line folks….

Aug 14

Pussy footing around


Date: 10th July 2014

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Gammboi

This buff gym boy is working the coral shirt and blue/green sweatpants look and doing well for it. We can’t help but notice he has definitely become a pussy magnet – just take a look at his right foot!

Dec 13

Funday Sunday


Date: 8th December 2013

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: @ukpositivelad

This handsome dude looks like the perfect Sunday boyfriend. The type you cuddle up to in the morning, he takes you shopping and buys you an impromptu present in the afternoon and you would take him home to your parents for dinner. What he would do between this and Monday cuddles is up for debate!

Aug 13

Cheeky Grin Ring


Date: 20th August 2013

Line: Overground

Submitted by: Gina

A cheeky grin is all it takes to make a fellow commuters day. This handsome chap is flashing his pearly whites and looks to be having a good old catch up on the phone…. Here’s my number so call me maybe!

May 13

The Central Line Makes Him Cross (Legged)


Date: 23rd May 2013

Line: Central

Submitted by: @jojobathorbs

Can anybody sympathise with this rough around the edges sexy guy? I mean the Central Line is always a nightmare and makes most people quite cross! This commuter candy is however quite easy on the eye so regardless of legs open or legs closed (and balls squashed) he gets our full seal of approval.

Feb 13

Window says No we say Yes


Date: 5th February 2013

Line: Bakerloo

Submitted by: Marilou

We all know double denim is a complete no-no but what exactly are the rules for pinstripe? This handsome fellow is working a stripey number on the tube. The window says – No but we say Sexy – Yes!!

Dec 12

If looks could… Melt


Date: 3rd December 2012

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Teresa

Continuing today’s exposé shocker theme it looks like another TubeCrusher, this time Teresa also got caught taking a picture. This sexy guy is certainly worthy, his eyes could have you melt like a chocolate fondue. Oh to be the marshmallow on his stick!

Oct 12

Finger in the hole


Date: 6th October 2012

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: @dickieTN

Confused or bewildered, where to put my fingers? In his mouth obvs! His sexy legs may have been a distraction to many a passenger but TN nearly missed his stop!

Aug 12

Ray Windowsun


Date: 22nd August 2012

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: Sharon

All the lightbulbs in the land couldn’t highlight this sexy guys good looks any better than the sun coming through the train window. He is one sexy boy and if he needs anyone to rub on some aftersun I’m sure there would be a queue a mile long.

May 12

What’s The Time Mr Fox


Date: 11th May 2012

Line: District

Submitted by: button

There are a lot of fun and games we could have with this very dashing guy. Playing tag on the tube is not top of our list. We are thinking of bring out a TC addition of the game, but with our game we shout ‘What’s you phone number Mr Fox’ and the person he catches he has to take on a date.

May 12

Smile And The World…

Date: 7th May 2012

Line: District

Submitted by: Cooksey87

We hope this guy is smiling because he had a suspicion that he would be featured on here. Either way he is super cute and we are always happy to see someone smiling on the tube!


May 12

Yellow Brick Road


Date: 27th April 2012

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Gemma

It’s hard to decide which way to follow this hot guys yellow tie. Do you go up, to his clean cut and very cute face or do you go down…

Apr 12


Date: 29th March 2012

Line: DLR

Submitted by: DAB

This is a threeway conversation we would all like to get in the middle of, what are they talking about?  Could it be how hot they are? If you could only take one of them home, who would it be?

Apr 12

Please take your sitter with you…

Date: 7th April 2012

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: @ChocoLlama

The newspaper may be rubbish but who cares when you are sat opposite this hunk on the underground. If there is ever a reason to snap a picture it would be his chiseled jaw line and  nice eyes. I might (just this once) break @tflofficial rules and leave the paper on the seat and take this cutie home with me instead.

Mar 12

A little hit of pink

Date: 18th March 2012

Line: Overground

Submitted by: matt01273

The little hint of pink makes this guy look even more attractive. We wonder what’s in the bag?