Jul 11

Blonde study buddy

Date: 1st July 2011

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Stella

Maybe its because he’s worth it, or maybe its because of the carriage lights but this guy just has to be a natural blonde, (there is only one way to tell….). He sure is cute and one can assume intelligent with that chunk of a text book. Stella just snapped herself a new study buddy.

Jun 11

Laurence Nightingale

Date: 12th June 2011

Line: Northern Line

Submitted By: DC

I think I’m coming down with a fever. Either that or it’s getting HOT in here, and I think I know why. I’m pretty sure this guy is wearing a nurse’s outfit (let’s just go with it, even if he isn’t), and I am in urgent need of professional medical attention. Yep, the only cure is mouth to mouth.

Mar 11

Standing to Attention

Date: 17/03/2011

Line: Northern Line

Crush Feature: We do like a man in uniform. Sadly we can’t see too much more from this photo, we can just imagine the chiselled torso beneath the military get-up. However, thank you to our submitter for this one – we like uniforms! Now if you could find someone that looks like this, it would be most appreciated!