Feb 17

Holy Knees

Date: 6th February 2017

Line: Waterloo and City

Submitted by: SD75

This guy must win the award for the softest hair in the land! He seems to be thinking hard about something, with his exposed leg muscles and petrol bomber jacket we (and SD75) find him quite dreamy! 

Jan 15

Shutter Shudder


Date: 12th January 2014

Line: Waterloo and City

Submitted by: Nala

When you see a hot guy (like this one), your heart melts and you come over all butterflies in your tummy. You decide to take a #tubecrush shot and BOOM – he notices you do it and instead of feeling proud, you blush and try to get off at the next station – only problem? Your on the Waterloo and City line #awks

Nov 13

Remember Remember – 11th November


Date: 4th November 2013

Line: Waterloo and City

Submitted by: @anna999

It’s always nice to see a man in a suit, wearing a pink tie. We especially like a man doing his bit and wearing his poppy with pride. He’s definitely a #tubecrush to remember.

Nov 11

Waterloo & Fitty

Waterloo & Fitty - TubeCrush.net

Date: 8th November 2011

Line: Waterloo & City

Submitted By: Katie

Not only is this TubeCrush a devilishly handsome treat that brightened Katie’s day no end, he is also fully waterproof from the waist up. However, we do not advise that you dunk him in your tea like as if he were a chocolate biscuit as much as you might want to. No wonder they call it the Waterloo & Fitty line.

Sep 11

Ho, Ho, Ho – Green Giant

Date: 28th September 2011

Line: Waterloo and City

Submitted by: Stacey

We are all familiar that eating our five a day will make us big and strong. Strong enough to play team sports, go the the gym and lift weights. So when Stacey saw this guy she came over a-fluster with excercise┬áideas and rules for eating. The infamous Green Giant advert promotes the rule ‘you are what you eat’ so Stacey quite liked the idea of being a footballer.

Jun 11

Just cause


Date: 2nd June 2011

Line: Waterloo and City

This guy is a real supporter of all things good. Tall, Dark and Handsome and obviously a considerate chap as he is sporting a green wristband cause. After some careful investigation it could mean A: He is a loyal supporter of a charity or more importantly B: Green is for go….

May 11

This morning a DJ saved my journey

Date: 17th May 2011

Line: Waterloo and City

Submitted by: Fernanda

Ok now here is the thing, from the head down; Blue headphone rims and cables, Blue shirt and Blue socks. The question is did he pick up the Metro to coordinate with his outfit.? There is nothing else blue about this guy though, he brightened up the day here at TubeCrush HQ perhaps he is listening to our eurovision BLUE boys….

Mar 11

Hold On Tight

Hold on Tight

Im a little teapot short and stout – here’s my handle – here’s my spout…Oohh Err!

Mar 11

The Oasis of the Waterloo and City Line

Oasis of Waterloo and City

Date: 11th March 2011

Line: Waterloo & City Line

Looks like this guy didnt get that i-stubble for Christmas – you never know mate your girlfriend might buy you one for your birthday.