May 13

In Between Hers


Date: 27th May 2013

Line: Piccadilly

Submitted by: @kammyk1983

With his hands clasped shut, this Simon lookalike looks extremely focused on something. Could he be thinking about his girlfriend, his broken car, what to have for dinner or his embarrassing parents? We will never know, but what we do know is he is quite cute.

Apr 13

Husband Hand Gripper


Date: 18th April 2013

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Nadia

Life is like a box of Kleenex and in this sexy guys case them tissues are Mansize! His grappling hands look like they could squeeze the living daylights out of you (big hands hmmm) but his handsome smile gives him that gentle edge. Good with his hands and good with his looks…husband material.

Mar 13

Chunky Knit or Chunky Not


Date: 20th March 2013

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Meaniez

Have you seen that advert for shreddies where the nanna’s are knitting little squares? Well here is a knit to be proud of and how dashing the model wearing it is. Look at the glimmer in his eye as he wears his pattern with pride, we might even invite him to our next bitch n’ stitch evening and get him to model for us….

Mar 13

Do I Say Something?


Date: 21st March 2013

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Lilli

Here’s hoping his journey isn’t too long! Having to chew on your little finger, while craving your fellow passengers Easter Eggs could end in disaster.

*Content today written by our guest blogger @rich_powell_

Mar 13

He can leave his gloves on


Date: 16th March 2013

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: @thealanhoply

Holding on to the hand rail like this meant that whilst this handsome chap was on his way to work he could practice his pole dancing. Perhaps he would give us the full monty at Pimlico, but he could leave his gloves on…..

Jan 13

Priority Given


Date: 13 January 2013

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Oliver

These seats are for people who are less able to stand, this should include people who feel faint from seeing such gorgeous men on the tube! In that case we need to sit down…

Oct 12

Thumbs Up

Date: 26th October, 2012

Line: Overground

Submitted by: Zooby

As with most pictures on Tubecrush we like to give them the thumbs up (look under the picture for the cool little thumbs). This sexy guy is playing his own game of Tubecrush and he has given himself not one but two thumbs up (cheeky). We would probably give him one!

Oct 12

Knee Padded


Date: 10th October, 2012

Line: District

Submitted by: Annabelle

So the big hand strikes 5 and its time to clock off from a hard day working on your knees. This hard working bit of stuff is just the labourer you wouldn’t mind coming round to do some odd jobs….

Sep 12

Ace of Shades

Date: 5th September 2011

Line: Central Line

Submitted By: Tonie A

Not sure if this guy is in a band with the woman next to him, but we think they’d be great together. He’s obviously the sexy lead singer, while fierce woman next to him is probably on bass. Their first hit? An interpretation of a Motörhead classic: Ace of Shades.

Sep 12

Warming! This is too hot for the tube


Date: 17th September 2012

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: Jenny B

So we know that the weather has turned cooler now that we are in September, but who needs winter jumpers when you are this hot? We like his sexy smile and that he is sitting still like a school boy in assembly – keeping his hands in his lap. We could think of a few other things to keep him occupied!

Sep 12

Push the button

Date: 10th September 2012

Line: London Overground

Submitted by: sxCOL

Jul 12

Outside Voyeur


Date: 28th July 2012

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Jeni

Standing on the outside looking inside at perfection, this sexy guy looks pretty hot (handsome too)!! I think this is our first platform taken passing train tubecrush!

Jul 12

LOADED with value

Date: 4th May 2012

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Elms

Not only is this guy loaded with value but unlike O2 you would be disappointed if he didn’t go down on you. Dont miss out; offer ends soon.

Jul 12

Map to Good Times

Date: 7th July 2012

Line: Northern Line

Submitted by: Jim

We love how the snapper has managed to get a map of London in the through the window of the tube, it could be like a treasure hunt and he would be the prize.

May 12

Beauty And The Book


Date: 28th April 2012

Line: Piccadilly

Submitted by: trainchix

What a hottie, this guy looks mighty fine in his petrol green jacket and tight fitting black tee. Almost mesmerised by his piercing eyes we would love to see some more, or add him to our little black book!

May 12

Hot Pink Rubber


Date: 17th April 2012

Line: Central

Submitted by: Swoonsue

Resting his arms on his knees, looking left (who said boys dont look?) this handsome beefcake appears to have a pair of manly hands that Nanette Newman would be proud of. This of course led us to believe he must wear gloves whilst doing the washing up, the only other unknown is the colour of his marigolds?

Apr 12

Daily Mirror

Date: 26th April, 2012

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: Crawford

This guy doesnt need to wait until Sunday to see himself in a different light, be it a tabloid Tuesday or an online Wednesday he has all the mirror he needs on his tube ride home. As his sexy hair whisps onto his face with the wind rushing through the carriage, he appears to watch his appearance in the glass partition. Who is the fairest of them all? or Who is that hottie in the next section of the train?

Apr 12

Big ‘Strapping’ Boy

Date: 19h April 2012

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Deano

The submitter said “This was worth the scramble after the O2 concert, sat opposite the late night office boy. He kept playing with his bag strap and I think we all know where he should to hang it!”

Mar 12

Mr Looking Good

Date: 25th March 2012

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Lou

This guy is looking handsome and has great dark hair. We imagine he is tall, that ticks all three so we are happy!

Mar 12


Date: 3rd March 2012

Line: Circle Line

Submitted By: James

Could the newspaper front page be aimed at us?