Feb 12

Risky business

Date: 27th February 2012

Line: Hammersmith and City Line

Submitted by: Debbie

Does this guy remind you of someone from the film risky business? Now if only we can get him to start dancing in his underpants on the tube. Good times.

Feb 12

Come fly with me

Date: 11th February 2012

Line: Piccadilly Line

Submitted by:  Sam

Sitting under the Heathrow poster, this handsome guy reminds us of those good looking guy you see on holiday. On a drunken night you may share a moment, but you can’t stop thinking about him for a long time after.  At least with this guy we have an idea of how you might see him again, just take the Piccadilly line.

Feb 12

Its dark down there

Date: 10th February 2012

Line: Overground

Submitted by: Phillipa

We were not entirely sure where Phillipa was aiming her camera but she seriously snapped a stonker. This handsome commuter certainly warmed her trip to work this morning, wrapped up in his scarf and overcoat. The only thing that we think is missing is the bobble hat and thermal undies, on second thoughts maybe he has these on, we will just never know!

Jan 12

Pondering Passenger


Date: Unknown

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: Toni X

pon·der/ˈpändər/ Verb:
Think about (something) carefully, esp. before deciding or concluding.

meditate – consider – think – deliberate – contemplate

No pondering needed ‘we would’.

Jan 12

Paper Mash ay ay!

Date: 6th January 2011

Line: Central

Submitted by: Bobby_Drake

Remember in school when you cut up all those strips of newspaper and mixed them with wallpaper paste? A real sensory sticky game of times gone by. That is until now… This top tottie on the Central line is working that winter coat look, with the light of the tube and such a smooth handsome face he could be doing a littlewoods catalogue shoot! Does anyone else fancy a sensory game with him? Hands up!

Jan 12

The Finger Puzzle


Date: 23rd December 2011

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Peroona

The rubix cube, the jigsaw, suduko, crosswords and mobile phone apps. We all use them to keep our minds working and to make our train journeys seem shorter. This handsome beefcake seems to have made up his own game – The Finger Finder. The rules are simple – put your hands together and wiggle all your fingers then one by one stop. Whoever the last finger points at then that person is your TubeCrush. Simples!