Dec 16

Lips that do tricks 

Date: 10th December 2016

Line: Circle 

Submitted by: AD

Is it just us or does this hottie have a certain Olly Murs going on about him? Our heart just skipped a beat and we want to kiss those plump lips 👄!

Dec 16

The floppy chop

Date: 4th December 2016

Line: District Line

Submitted by: The Tempest

Who can resist a handsome man with such choppy hair to run your hands through. We just wish his open shirt went all the way down to see some more of him!

Sep 16

Mr White Trousers

Date: 26th Aigust 2016

Line: Bakerloo

Submitted by: Burn2

There is one thing that is for sure with tight fitting jeans is that you get to see every (we mean every) detail about a mans lower half of the body. Those calves, those thighs and a lovely lunchbox! 

Aug 16

iWould Of Course

Date: 17th August 2016

Line: Metropolitan Line

Submitted by: The PM

It’s a good job he has an iPhone because we would just love to airdrop ourselves onto his face.

Aug 16

Dreamy Blue Suit

Date: 17th August 2016

Line: Northern

Submitted by: TBlah

Not distracted by that ladies pins next to him this sexy man is everything you want on a Wednesday. Sharp suit – tick, Crisp white shirt – tick, nice watch to make sure to never be late for the endless dates we are going to go on – tick tick tick (tock)!! 

Aug 16

Summer Loving

Date: 11th August 2016

Line: Northern

Submitted by: AH

Those shades and those legs and those arms and oh my it’s hot in here. 

Jul 16

Shiver Me Timbers

Date: 25th July 2016

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: Richard

This sexy guy is leaving nothing to the imagination – why is it our eyes are drawn to what lurks beneath his JD Sports bag? ?

Jul 16

Big Foot Big….

Date: 1st July 2016

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Mat01274

This sexy guy has more going for him than just his large feet (and presumably equally impressive meat). Look at his cute face and sexy facial hair. Certainly makes Friday more bearable! 

Jun 16

Jack (in a box)

Date: 10th June, 2016

Line: Bakerloo

Submitted by: Modtro

Is it more of a trough than a box? We’re not sure but we do think this sexy guy has a certain twink’ie ness about him! Filled with cream and edible with one bite! 

Apr 16

On Heat


Date: 20th April 2016

Line: Notthern 

Submitted by: GM

This sex pot is certainly heating up the carriage, chiselled features and hair cut straight from the barbers! He has both boyfriend and sexy time potential! 

Apr 16

Adam Levine Realness


Date: 12th April 2016

Line: Northern

Submitted by: AH 
We wouldn’t mind being Maroon (5) ed on a dessert island with his hot guy.

Mar 16

Tall n Tasty


Date: 17th March 2016

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Zach

Sometimes all people need to wear to look good is a grey hoodie. This sexy tall guy is no exception he could reach dizzying heights of love and the beans from the high kitchen cupboard! 

Mar 16

Dapper Dreads


Date: 3rd June 2015

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: JB 
This dapper hotty is working that tweed look on his commute home from work.  We would bet our bottom dollar he’s in fashion. 

Mar 16

Cute as 4 buttons

Date: 12th March 2016

Line: Victoria Line

Submitted by: Iam

This sexy guy is just what you need to cheer you up on a chilly morning. The best bit is the scarf and coat come off though X ?

Mar 16

Am-gazing Face


Date: 6th February 2016

Line: Northern

Submitted by: B,T,O

How sweet the view! We love how this super cute guy is transfixed on one of the tube ads and also stroking his manly facial hair – grrr take me now. 

Feb 16

A couple of dirty blondes


Date: 20th February 2016

Line: District

Submitted by: RMan

These couple of likely lads have got the most beautiful blonde hair – we just want to run our hands through it. We do have one question though – exactly what are those reinforced knee pads for? 

Feb 16

Fit with Fancy Fuzz 


Date: 14th August 2015

Line: Metropolitan

Submitted by: Swift 
There must be something interesting to look at on the tube drivers door – this sexy guy is enthralled by it. With hair you want to run your hands through and designer stubble, he’s certainly someone we’d like to get to know better. 

Feb 16

Blue Bagged and Beardy

Date: 6th February 2016

Line: District 

Submitted by: midnight rider

What a perfect book stand this hotty’s suitcase is, we love a book work at Tubecrush HQ. This particular book worm has one of the nicest beards, hair and sexiness ratios we have seen. 

Feb 16

Smoking Hot

Date: 4th June 2015

Line: District

Submitted by: NJ

We know the sign says no smoking but this guy is smouldering hot. With arms like that he may just go up in flames shaking his protein powder. Tfl would have to forgive him if he combusts, he’s just too cute. 

Jan 16

Caught Cutey


Date: 29th January 2016

Line: Northern  
Submitted by: @anorderlymess

This cute guy was caught tubecrushing someone else and they crushed him first. He’s hot – we hope his poorly leg gets better soon!