Aug 16

iWould Of Course

Date: 17th August 2016

Line: Metropolitan Line

Submitted by: The PM

It’s a good job he has an iPhone because we would just love to airdrop ourselves onto his face.

Feb 16

Fit with Fancy Fuzz 


Date: 14th August 2015

Line: Metropolitan

Submitted by: Swift 
There must be something interesting to look at on the tube drivers door – this sexy guy is enthralled by it. With hair you want to run your hands through and designer stubble, he’s certainly someone we’d like to get to know better. 

Apr 15

2for1 weekender


Date: 24th Aug 2014

Line: Metropolitan 

Submitted by: Arty Elsa

So as it’s the start of the long bank holiday weekend we thought we’d treat you to two sexy lads instead of one. Which one is your cuppa tea? #lefty or #righty? Answers below….. 

Dec 14

Ben Who-now?


Date: 26th September 2014

Line: Metropolitan

Submitted by: Theo

Is it us or does this sex pot look remarkably like the recently crowned winner of The X-Factor – Mr Ben Haenow? He’s tall, dark and definitely handsome. If it is you @BHaenow, why were you not in your van?

Apr 14

Priority Paper Boy


Date: 24th April 2014

Line: Metropolitan

Submitted by: MrsF

If the metropolitan line had an upper class section then this sexy man would be right on up there. Instead he is sitting in the priority seat reading his paper. Do not disturb him until he arrives at his destination.

Jan 13

Sexual and Metro


Date: 15th January, 2013

Line: Metropolitan

Submitted by: DMawson

This sexy metropolitan passenger has perfected his smooth lean to an almost model like pose. The question comes as to what he would be modelling? It could be a trendy Apple IPod ad, a high street fashion brand or hands up if you would like him to be advertising @figleaveshome sexy undies!

Sep 12



Date: 27th August 2012

Line: Metropolitan

Submitted my: Lady Mundy

Wearing a tight fitting stripy t-shirt this handsome guy looks engrossed in his iPhone. It could be angry birds he is playing with or it could be a flirting date app where he is arranging someone else to play with. We know which one we would prefer it to be!

Jul 12

The futures bright the futures orange

Date: 19 July 2012

Line: Metropolitan Line

Submitted by: seanjw

We agree with the famous advertising slogan, some things really do look better in orange.

Mar 12


Date: 19th March 2012

Line: Metropolitan

Submitted by: DAB

Sit up! That is all I want to say to this guy! We know he’s got a hot body and hot rugged face, we just wish he’d show it off a bit more! Shoulders back and chest out please!

Mar 12

Make Mine Milk

Date: 13th March 2012

Line: Metropolitan

Submitted by: Whoknewshehadflu

The white stuff, really is good for you! Kate might be trying to give up but this handsome commuter seems to be filling his boots with a good read of the Metro or Evening Standard. With all that protein and calcium he looks like he is drinking (making him big and strong) he could make mine milk by himself.

Feb 12

Smouldering on the met

Date: 28nd January 2012

Line: Metropolitan Line

Submitted by: Angelnic

We are all for smouldering good look, but this guy might just set off the smoke detectors. Why are these guys never sat by us when we are on the tube?  Maybe because as soon as we would have seen him, it would have been cameras out!

Jan 12

Blue eyed boy

Date: 3rd January 2012

Line: Metropolitan Line

Submitted by: D

Some people say it’s all about the eyes. If this guy asked you for something, would you be able to say no?

Dec 11

Sponsored By Adi-Damn-he-fine!

Date: 16th December 2011

Line: Metropolitan Line

Submitted By: Rachel

Like David Beckham before him, this guy has obviously been spotted by Adidas’ sexiness scouts, and we’re not surprised. This guy is so delicious that he makes us talk a bit like Kelly Rowland. Apologies to anyone else on the Metropolitan Line that day who witnessed us shouting ‘I just love me some you’ over and over. Not at all embarrassing.

Dec 11

Priority seat señor


Date: 6th December 2011

Line: Metropolitan Line

Submitted by: Finin

Just look at this sexy boy, curly hair, cute face, wrapped up warm and reading the Guardian to stay on top of current affairs. We think he is worthy of a headline of his own “Extra, Extra read all about it, sexy guy on tube attracts hundreds of positive votes” who knows he could become the hottest guy of the day. Thumb it up!

Nov 11

Winter warmer

Date: 17th November 2011

Line: Metropolitan Line

Submitted by: Gemma

Like any good fashion brand, we have to change with the seasons. So let this guy be one of the first to kick off our winter collection. We recommend him for those cold winter nights.

Sep 11

Good read?

Date: 23rd September 2011


Line: Metropolitan Line


Submitted by: Jen

I wonder what this guy is reading. The submitter said she was able to take a few pictures and he did not look up. We could all do with this when trying to take pictures. There is nothing like a hot guy in a fresh shirt on his way to work. It’s always a good start to the day.



Sep 11

Crest Perfect

Date: 15th Sep 2011

Line: Metropolitan Line

Submitted By: DAB

You know where we are going with this one.  I don’t think the camera picked up the sparkle when he smiled. Could you ask for a more perfect smile, how does anyone look this good on the tube?

Aug 11

Striped man spotted


Date: 25th August 2011

Line: Metropolitan Line

Submitted by: B00tsys

It looks like the person who sent this in must have contortion’d themselves into the strangest of positions to snap this guy. He is hot though, look at his arm with the contours of that shirt!

Aug 11

Advance to Mayfair….

Date: 23rd August 2011

Line: Metropolitan Line

Submitted by: JBee

Well it certainly looks like London has a new community chest to add to its Monopoly board. But take caution, those little pink cards can be good and bad you might end up going to jail, directly to jail, not passing go and not collecting £200. Life is a game of luck.

Aug 11

Music to My Loins II: This Time It’s Personal

Date: 19th August 2011

Line: Metropolitan Line

Submitted By: Mark

Following HOT on the heels of Sunday’s musical delight, my loins are on fire once again to the sound of this guy’s music. Won’t be long now before my flies are miming the words to Mark Morrison’s Return of the Mack. Get your shoes guys and gals, it’s time to dance.