Jul 15

Calf Foot Beard


Date: 17th June 2015

Line: Overground

Submitted by: AWA 
Clearly on his way back from/to football practice this hairy hottie is just what we fancied for the weekend. When you have finished in the park matey my place is over here……

Cute but not my type (+30 rating, 62 votes)

Jun 15

The Mile Thigh Cub


Date: 1st June 2015

Line: Central 

Submitted by: D James 

Goodness isn’t this a sight for sore thighs? This sporty hottie may be guilty of #manspreading but at least he is giving us a treat at the same time.  

Cute but not my type (-20 rating, 349 votes)

Oct 14

Looky Right Here


Date: 16th October 2014

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: davmcdngh

With his grey hoodie, sexy beard and legs out who can resist this handsome commuter. We wonder just what is catching his eye in the carriage? Any guesses?

Cute but not my type (+57 rating, 338 votes)

Oct 14

Muscle Stubble


Date: 2nd October 2014

Line: District

Submitted by: DL Raggamuffin

Good looking and sexy, two things that this chap are. Check out his muscle arms and hairy face – Grrrrr hottie.

Cute but not my type (+180 rating, 301 votes)

Jul 14

Join the thigh high club


Date: 2nd July 2014

Line: District

Submitted by: Northern Monkey

We all know that famous Tom Jones (and Joe Cockersong right? well this guy decided to ‘take his hat off’ – he’s almost doing the full monty anyway with those short shorts!!

Cute but not my type (+88 rating, 283 votes)

May 14



Date: 29th May 2014

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: BHeath

Is it us or does this super hot guy look like a super hot super hero? Why this manly stud looks like Thor! Who would like to be his hammer?

Cute but not my type (+7 rating, 205 votes)

Mar 14

Bearded Dragon


Date: 27th February 2014

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Kanye

We can’t actually verify if this stylish chap is infact a dragon but he most definitely has a beard – a great beard at that. Would you care to be his amphibious owner?

Cute but not my type (-101 rating, 284 votes)

Jan 14

Lee Cooper and his long arm


Date: 12th December 2013

Line: Piccadilly Line

Submitted by: Zax

He was looking at the camera or was it at Zax? #awkward #hotthough

Cute but not my type (+32 rating, 288 votes)

Jan 14

It’s just a glance to the right


Date: 15th January 2014

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Jen

Now it might sound like a line from the time warp but actually this guy is clearly finding something more interesting in his fellow passengers newspaper than his own. Oh sexy guy – Just to the pelvic thrust it really drives insaneeee.

Cute but not my type (+281 rating, 393 votes)

Dec 13

Smoking Rupert


Date: 25th November 2013

Line: Bakerloo

Submitted by: Albesinya

Now we all know Rupert the bear was famous for wearing a tartan scarf and we believe this guy to have taken a leaf out of his book. Not only is this guy toasty warm he is also smoking hot!

Cute but not my type (+53 rating, 260 votes)

Nov 13

Naked Filter


Date: 29th November 2013

Line: Northern

Submitted by: @Soprano_Lou

Now we ‘so’ don’t normally accept images with filters on them but who in their right mind could say no to this stud muffin? We are sure that if you were to strip it back to its naked image he would be just as sweet and irresistible.

Cute but not my type (+23 rating, 285 votes)

Oct 13

Cup the handle


Date: 18th October 2013

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Sarah

Big things are going on in the rugby world – as they were in 2003, this sexy guy however has a handle between his legs that needs pulling! Scrummy!!

Cute but not my type (+21 rating, 245 votes)

Sep 13

Timberland Totty


Date: 18th September 2013

Line: Overground

Submitted by: @RichardKilroy

A steel toecap is a must on some overground journeys, those trains get full and getting a boot in door will make sure he doesn’t get left behind. Mind you this guy is fit and if he was to enter a packed train were sure the crowds would part like the Red Sea….

Cute but not my type (+102 rating, 306 votes)

Sep 13

Diet Coke Break


Date: 6th September 2013

Line: Northern

Submitted by: @leannebayley

We don’t want him, to be no slave
We don’t want him, to work all day
We just want him, to be true,
cause’ Leanne just wants to make Love to you……

Cute but not my type (+264 rating, 392 votes)

Jul 13

German Delight


Date: 7th July 2013

Line: Circle

Submitted by: GldnUK

We are going to leave the sausage references alone and focus on this sexy guys cute face and his aviator shades – Top Gun worthy sunnies are always worth a mention!

Cute but not my type (+43 rating, 266 votes)

Jun 13

Beard, Bags and Book


Date: 18th June 2013

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: RuairidhriOB

Nobody likes a man with baggage but at least this sexy guy has his on full display so you can see what you’re getting. Tan, Leather, Likes books and looks cute. Full House!

Cute but not my type (+131 rating, 389 votes)

Jun 13

Starkers* on the Bakerloo Line


Date: 5th June 2013

Line: Bakerloo

Submitted by: @DannyBlahBlah

For those people who have been in hibernation and not heard of Game of Thrones, Robb Stark is the King in the North (ern Line), the ruler of the North (London), declared as such by his bannermen and allies after Eddard Stark‘s execution, accept this morning instead of fighting King Joffrey – Actor Richard Madden (can we call him dickie?) fought for a seat in the morning commute. Danny (a loyal Tubecrusher) by hook or by crook did his best to capture a picture of this hunk – hats off to you sir! A truly deserving #Tubecrush.

*Apologies if you were hoping for a naked man pic – there are other sites for that!

Cute but not my type (+274 rating, 543 votes)

Jun 13

Blue Trouser Mondays


Date: 26th May 2013

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Lookylook

How does it feel, to treat me like you do?. Lay your hands upon me, show me who you are…..

Cute but not my type (+160 rating, 446 votes)

May 13

The Central Line Makes Him Cross (Legged)


Date: 23rd May 2013

Line: Central

Submitted by: @jojobathorbs

Can anybody sympathise with this rough around the edges sexy guy? I mean the Central Line is always a nightmare and makes most people quite cross! This commuter candy is however quite easy on the eye so regardless of legs open or legs closed (and balls squashed) he gets our full seal of approval.

Cute but not my type (+14 rating, 319 votes)

Feb 13

Capped and Canned


Date: 12th February 2013

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Georgia

We think Madonna was on to something when she wrote the song Music, it really does make people come together! With his baseball cap on back to front and his DJ quality headphones filling the carriage with a dull but enlightening backing track this yummy boy could have the guys and the girls lined up to make some special requests!

Cute but not my type (-115 rating, 297 votes)