Mar 15

Denim Jack It


Date: 3rd March 2015 

Line: Northern 

 Submitted by: Jinxy11

With his hair in a wave and his earphones at rest this handsome man is glancing about the carriage to pass the time. We think he is rockin’ the denim look!! 

Dec 14

Reading Beauty


Date: 9th November 2014

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Nadia

This sexy bookworm seems to have it all going on! Supporting Remembrance Sunday and sporting a mid Movember tache. Would you not just do anything to have some mistletoe on you when you saw him?

Mar 14

Bearded Dragon


Date: 27th February 2014

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Kanye

We can’t actually verify if this stylish chap is infact a dragon but he most definitely has a beard – a great beard at that. Would you care to be his amphibious owner?

Feb 14

Tash On Tash Man


Date: 17th February 2014

Line: Piccadilly Line

Submitted by: LL

I’m a tash man, skibby dibby dup, da dadda dup, da dadda dup. Skibby dibby dup, da dadda dup, da dadda dup. If the tash man can do it so can you!

Aug 13

Tash On with a twist


Date: 15th August 2013

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Rosana

Like a good episode of Geordie Shore? Can’t wait to go out this weekend and ‘Tash On’? Well we have the perfect date for you…. Tash on, clothes off whichever you choose this sexy guy is sure to please. Why Ei!!

Nov 12


Date: 07 November 2012

Line: Northern Line

Submitted by: Grace

We think this guy could be the start of many hot Movember guys and we have to say that we could not think of a better way to get started.

Dec 11

Oh Mo You Didn’t

Date: 30th November 2011

Line: Victoria

Submitted: JH

So the end of the month of Movember has been officially marked by this handsome guy being posted on TubeCrush. Just look at his chiselled cheek bones and handsome face he really is a hottie. In the words of Geordie Shore – We wouldnt mind ‘Tache’in off or on with him!