Jan 15

D L Ahhhh


Date: 15th January 2015

Line: DLR

Submitted by: SGO

Wow this sexy workman was so hot that whoever sent him in couldn’t decide which pic was best. We’re not sure what makes him so special but it could just be his cute face or the fact that his helmet is by his knees.

Cute but not my type (+597 rating, 1,287 votes)

Sep 14

Over the bag and far away


Date: 31st August 2014

Line: DLR

Submitted by: @cityboyben

Tubecrush hotties come out to play! (In the style of Teletubbies Eh Oh)

Cute but not my type (+115 rating, 269 votes)

Jul 14

Clean Rugby Guy


Date: 4th July 2014

Line: DLR

Submitted by: Loulou

It’s a good job that this mans washing machine is in full working order and his shirts are so sparkling Daz white! By the look of his handsome body we bet he’s a rugby player and saves all his dirtiness for the weekends!!

Cute but not my type (-97 rating, 322 votes)

Jun 14

Cheeky Mankey


Date: 3rd June 2014

Line: DLR

Submitted by: Cheeky Munkey

Tats the way to do it! Snap a hottie on the DLR and then send him to Tubecrush to share with the world. We love this guys cute face and think he could be a cheeky so and so, so with that in mind he’s our cheeky Mankey!

Cute but not my type (+73 rating, 224 votes)

Sep 13

Thigh Lines


Date: 15th September 2013

Line: DLR

Submitted by: Twitterati

Look closely at those thighs and then follow the lines with your eyes. You’re in for a surprise, when this hotty spies.

Cute but not my type (+43 rating, 278 votes)

Aug 13

DL Arrhhhh

DLR Today


Date: 15th August 2013

Line: DLR

Submitted by: This Other Me

This handsome chap appears to have a lot on his shoulders – could you be the one to lighten his load and assist him with his journey?

Cute but not my type (+223 rating, 358 votes)

Aug 13

Mint with a hole


Date: 10th July 2013

Line: DLR

Submitted by: Nichole

In America these sweets are called “Life Savers” however in good Ol’ Blighty we refer to these peppermint treats as Polos! Mr handsome here with his sexy stance and built torso looks more like the sporting ‘Polo’ type but were sure he has a minty fresh breath – pucker up!

Cute but not my type (+59 rating, 221 votes)

Mar 13

Floating Remoting


Date: 28th February 2013

Line: DLR

Submitted by: A lanp

When you are grabbing your IPhone and trying to change the track so fast it makes the picture blur it must be a really good/bad song! Well he is pressing our buttons and wouldn’t mind him getting his hands on us.

Cute but not my type (-115 rating, 306 votes)

Jan 13

Fearless Fittie



Date:16th January 2013

Line: DLR

Submitted By David T

We have a special place in our hearts (and loins) for men who can take on the natural elements, and win. Yes, Bear Grylls, eat your heart out, because we have found a beautiful, and possibly mental, specimen on the DLR who is wearing SHORTS and a T-SHIRT in the middle of frickin’ winter! Grrrr is not the word. I think my uterus just skipped a beat.

Cute but not my type (+170 rating, 392 votes)

Dec 12

Capped and unplugged


Name: SE1Adam

Date: 20th November 2012

Line: Docklands Light Railway

This hotties bag is on the seat beside him keeping a place for that special person getting on in a few stops time. He is fooling nobody with those headphones on, ‘hey matey they’re not plugged in’ perhaps he just wants to hear someone whisper ‘he is fit’!

Cute but not my type (+31 rating, 276 votes)

Sep 12

The Bodyguard

Date: 14th September 2012

Line: DLR

Submitted By: Bobby_Drake

This handsome surprise on the DLR, adorned all in black with those beefy biceps makes us think that he’s probably works in the security industry, looking after someone vaguely important. We have to say, we’d have him over Kevin Costner’s interpretation of a Bodyguard any day. *Searches TubeCrush HQ for Whitney-esque outfit, throws self in harm’s way*

Cute but not my type (+106 rating, 304 votes)

Jun 12

Stop Imagining

Date: 28 May 2012

Line: DLR

Submitted by: Bobby_Drake

We literally have stopped imagining and we’ve started believing, in hot guys that is!! This just lookes so hot with his tight shirt and rolled up sleaves, we’re really going to miss this heatweave


Cute but not my type (+151 rating, 333 votes)

Apr 12


Date: 29th March 2012

Line: DLR

Submitted by: DAB

This is a threeway conversation we would all like to get in the middle of, what are they talking about?  Could it be how hot they are? If you could only take one of them home, who would it be?

Cute but not my type (+148 rating, 279 votes)

Mar 12

Yes, PM


Date: 12 March 2012

Line: DLR

Submitted by: Bobby_DRake

While David’s away who’s running the country? We’ve spotted this hot guy that would be the perfect candidate, he looks smart and intelligent plus he is drop dead gorgeous! He’d definitely get people interested in politics again and quite frankly we’d do whatever he asked!!

Cute but not my type (+246 rating, 419 votes)

Mar 12

Ashley Stole (My Heart)

Date: 5th May 2011

Line: DLR

Submitted By: Lee

Anyone notice a striking resemblance between this crush and a certain former Mr Cheryl Tweedy? But, like, totes a lot hotter and cuter and amazing-er. Let’s hope he’s not a dastardly love rat like his doppleganger cos I would definitely fight, fight, fight for his love. Or maybe wrestle. Grrrr!

Cute but not my type (+137 rating, 329 votes)

Feb 12

DL Arrhhh!

Date: 14th February 2012

Line: DLR

Submitted by: DAB

Surprise! It looks like this very handsome man spotted he was being TubeCrushed the moment he was photographed,  that or he looked up directly into the lens of the camera at the precise moment the shutter was pressed like a supermodel on a fashion shoot. CLICK! We really like his jeanie-beanie combo and his arms in that top really show off the guns (another incentive to get back to the gym folks).





Cute but not my type (+45 rating, 361 votes)

Dec 11

Wondrous Winklepickers

Wondrous Winklepickers - TubeCrush.net

Date: 19th December 2011

Line: DLR

Submitted By: Mooks

Winklepickers (those pointy type of shoes) came into fashion in the sixties but were actually first worn by French nobility (thank you Wikipedia). We have taken this as a sign that this gorgeous man must be some kind of royalty, and as such, I will be pretending to be Kate Middleton for the rest of the day. Just call me Duchess.

Cute but not my type (+123 rating, 272 votes)

Nov 11

Gotham City

Date: 28th November 2011

Line: DLR

Submitted by: Alex

There comes a point in everybody’s life when they are just fed up of waiting for that superhero to come along and rescue them from the daily grind that is life. This is the kind of guy that will do very nicely, we just hope he is texting Alfred to have the bat mobile ready for our romantic country drive!

Cute but not my type (+361 rating, 455 votes)

Oct 11

Sharing’s For Losers

Double Trouble - TubeCrush.net

Date: 27th October 2011

Line: DLR

Submitted By: BobbyDrake

Fans of handsome men in smart-casual clothing, behold! We have two delicious offerings for your delectation, and we think they’d be perfect for a double date. No, I’m not talking about sharing with a friend – I’m talking about a ridiculous sit-com-esque scenario where you go on a date with two people at the same time without either of them knowing and hilarity ensues. Or maybe nakedness loneliness. Whatever, either way, I ain’t sharin’ b*tches. *snaps fingers*

Cute but not my type (+1 rating, 345 votes)

Oct 11

Eyes On You

Date: 18th October 2011

Line: DLR

Submitted by: Bobby Drake

Here at Tubecrush HQ guys in suits generally catch our eye pretty quickly and we have a feeling they sometimes notice we’re watching. Sit back, relax and just enjoy our eyes roaming all over your body. Hold on tight cos this is one tube ride you might actually enjoy.

Cute but not my type (+167 rating, 398 votes)