Aug 14

He Just Did It


Date: 23rd August 2014

Line: Central

Submitted by: MORL

He may be wearing a Nike tick and looking particularly sporty in his tracksuit but that didn’t stop MORL snapping him for Tubecrush. He hesitated and just did it! #terriblejustdoitpun

Aug 14

Eyes On You


Date: 10th August 2014

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: Moash

Got his eyes on you, while your watching him. Cute eyes and sexy bod – how could you say no?

Aug 14

1977 – A good year


Date: 19th August 2014

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Ian

Were not saying that 77 is this guys birth year but we think he looks rather fetching in his calendar themed tshirt. Is that his Mrs on his left? Sorry love we just had to Tubecrush him!

Aug 14

Attractive in Trakkies


Date: 20th July 2014

Line: Circle

Submitted by: @tonioni

Here at Tubecrush we love a hunk, a manly man with a nice frame and cute smile always wins points. This chap ticks the boxes – and the boxers!

Aug 14

Dry leaning


Date: 16th August 2014

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Angelica

Leaning back in his seat it looks like Angelica captured this sexy guy head on with her phone. She got off without telling him she was in love – silly girl -We would give him the thumbs up and track him down by the dry cleaners he uses!!

Aug 14

Such perfection


Date: 5th August 2014

Line: Hammersmith and City Line

Submitted by: G*Lycra

This guy absolutely must be a hair model – if he’s not he should be. Such a cute face and nice enough to want to touch hair makes him just so irresistible! But it looks so perfect he might not let you touch him.

Aug 14

Nervous Passenger?


Date: 31st July 2014

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: MB

Is it just us or does this cutesy look a bit nervous. Perhaps he spied MB’s camera phone and braced himself for the worst! He doesn’t come off to bad though does he?

Aug 14



Date: 12th August 2014

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Patsy

Ever finished work and your legs have given up on you? Well this cutie jumped aboard the tube and the fact there were no available seats didn’t faze him. On the floor like J-Lo he was…..

Aug 14

Close to the wire


Date: 9th August 2014

Line: District

Submitted by: LV

This guy is on the tube and in tune with his technology. Notice his IPhone wires go up the inside of his vest top, we can’t help but wonder how else he has integrated himself. He certainly has his legs open wide, perhaps he needs to leave room down there for built in air conditioners coz he’s so hot!!

Aug 14

Again but Faster


Date: 8th August 2014

Line: Piccadilly

Submitted by: AJ

Who wouldn’t be screaming this at this super hot, super tall guy?

Aug 14

Pussy footing around


Date: 10th July 2014

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Gammboi

This buff gym boy is working the coral shirt and blue/green sweatpants look and doing well for it. We can’t help but notice he has definitely become a pussy magnet – just take a look at his right foot!

Aug 14

Seize the Tubecrush


Date: 7th August 2014

Line: Northern

Submitted by: askimwelsh

“Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero” is usually translated as “Seize the day, put very little trust in tomorrow (the future)”. A Latin script that may well have been written in 23BC but is very much TubeCrushes philosophy. This particular specimen of Tubecrush has a summer sexiness about him – we love his pastel shorts against his tanned skin. We don’t know if he has a child on reins, a dog or a bag just out of the shot but he could certainly be our daddy any day!

Aug 14

His head’s down…


Date: 2nd August 2014

Line: Circle Line

Submitted by: LV

Getting on with what’s needed, this sexy rugged guy is engrossed in his smart phone. Those shorts really do show off his assets don’t they – *those lovely legs obviously!!!

Aug 14

Double Denim actually can be OK


Date: 22nd July 2014

Line: Hammersmith and City Line

Submitted by: hazz78

So they are hardly bewitched by they are doing a double denim of their own travelling next to each other on their tube travels. What you can’t see is Matt Goss from BROS on the other side of the carriage showing these cuties how to rock it in the late 80’s!

Aug 14

To the left – To the right


Date: 28th July 2014

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Jimbob

Keep it going, keep it going it’s alright! This guy is keeping his eye on something (or someone) to his right and our left. Those of you old enough to remember this song by Stereo MC would more than likely be older than the cute guy in this pic!

Aug 14

The Watchman


Date: 31st July 2014

Line: Circle Line

Submitted by: McStuffins

When women leave the house they say to themselves Purse, Phone, Keys. When boys leave the house it’s Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch. And then when this guy leaves the house he’s like I only need my cute ass and my watch to tell the time!

Aug 14

A shoulder to lye on


Date: 1st August 2014

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: Francesca

It’s Friday for Petes sake, so no wonder this handsome chaps’ lady friend is taking a rest on his shoulder. He’s quite a cutie with his strong arms and sexy specs. If he was young free and single I imagine his broad shoulders would be the pillow of choice for many….

Jul 14

Oh him, he’s ‘armless


Date: 28th July 2014

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Marianna

Well as it happens he’s not, he’s got a couple of tickets to the gun show. They are front row tickets with VIP access for all Oyster card holders…. Please form an orderly queue!

Jul 14

Just a hint of…


Date: 2nd July 2014

Line: District

Submitted by: Josh

Pink. In his tie that is! This sexy passenger was spotted on the District line, we think he is a super stylish hottie. Nice shoes too!

Jul 14

A Vested Development


Date: 25th July 2014

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: lovelads48

It’s always nice to see a hot guy working a deep tank top vest on the tube. What would you use as your best chat up line?