Jun 14

Cheeky Mankey


Date: 3rd June 2014

Line: DLR

Submitted by: Cheeky Munkey

Tats the way to do it! Snap a hottie on the DLR and then send him to Tubecrush to share with the world. We love this guys cute face and think he could be a cheeky so and so, so with that in mind he’s our cheeky Mankey!

Jun 14

The Day Watchman


Date: 3rd June 2014

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: Reluctant Commuter

With an almost cartoon like concentration on his face, this very handsome man is showing off his best man pout and also his nice guns! With a desperation to cry “What’s the time Mr Wolf”, if you are little red riding hood you had better watch-out!

Apr 14

Sleeve me alone


Date: 23rd April 2014

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: Min

Wowzers what a hottie. He seems to be sitting comfortably, gazing out of the window with the sun shining down on him. Is that seat next to him being saved for you? No it’s saved for me – budge off he’s mine!

Oct 13

Over or Under?


Date: 13th October 2013

Line: Northern

Submitted by: @huzaifahussein

Some like their men over and some like their men under but here at #Tubecrush HQ with this hot bit of stuff we really don’t mind.

Feb 13

Please keep your sweet on the seat


Date: 14th February 2013

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: @Rcommuter

We all see those train information boards informing us of the rules of the rails but do we really pay attention to them? This sweetheart could be the guy that Network Rail needs to really make people observe the posters. We decided to write our own TubeCrush version for commuters;

1) In the event of seeing a hottie do not pull the emergency alarm, instead just play this track on your IPhone
2) Men should preferably wear shorts
3) Showing a bit of cheeky tattoo is encouraged
4) All male passengers should smile for any potential photo opportunities
5) Putting just one foot on the seat is allowed provided rule 2 is observed.

Oct 12

Knee Padded


Date: 10th October, 2012

Line: District

Submitted by: Annabelle

So the big hand strikes 5 and its time to clock off from a hard day working on your knees. This hard working bit of stuff is just the labourer you wouldn’t mind coming round to do some odd jobs….

Aug 12

Spiced up my life


Date: 16th August

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Joanne

This handsome morsel apparently caught Joanne snapping him for Tubecrush. With his sexy eyes looking straight down the lens it’s difficult not to fall for him. Reminds us of a Spice Girls song Slam it to the left, shake it to the right “I see you, hold tight”!

Aug 12

Armed and Tatted


Date: 17th August 2012

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: ArchAngel

This hot guy looks all a fluster flitting between the pages of the evening standard whilst trying to stand on the moving train. We like his tattoo and just wish he would whip his shirt off so we could see more!

Aug 12

Off Ground Touch


Date: 3rd August 2012

Line: Overground

Submitted by: @Markylon

Remember primary school and those games you used to play in the playground? Stuck in the mud, IT, 40,40 etc. This handsome Indy type is bringing fun to the commute by playing his very own version of ‘Off-Ground Touch’ when you hear a train announcement you have to not touch the floor. The next game we would like to play with this guy though is definitely Kiss Chase!

Jul 12

Is That A ?????? In Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Date: 8th July 2012

Line: Overground

Submitted by: SM

What has this good looking casual guy got in his pocket? Answers on a postcard.

Jun 12



Date: 29 May 2012

Line: Circle

Submitted by: Pete

Take a number and get in line for this hot guy!!

Jun 12

Lil White Tee


Date: 27th May 2012

Line: Northern

Submitted by: EllyF

Sat pondering the next move on Angry Birds this handsome tight fitting T-Shirt traveller looks quite coy. We think that the sneaky peak of his Tattoo on his arm shows us although he may look coy he has a daring side that we would just love to explore!

Jan 12

Tattoo My Heart

Date: 3rd January 2012

Line: Central Line

Submitted by: Andrew

We’ve been sitting here wondering just what the rest of this hot guys tattoo says… we’re hoping he’s got our name written over his heart so he saves a bit of money for the future!

Jul 11

Nuff Said

Date: 11th July 2011

Line: Overground

Submitted by: Jo

We are loving this guys street look. He is very manly looking with a fit body and a very nice tattoo. We would love to meet this guy on a dark night.

May 11

Tattooed Heaven

Date: 29 April 2011

Line: District Line

We at TubeCrush admire anyone that puts in that much effort for something they love. This guy has even coordinated his trainers with his tattoos. We only wish he was showing a bit more of all the work he has had done!

May 11

English Pride

Date: 7th May 2011

Line: Jubliee Line

Submitted By Anna

This tattooed hottie was on the Jubilee line. We love his big arms and his English pride tattoo. This is the type of guy that could hold you tight, and to make him even more perfect he helped an old lady off the tube with her bags. We would love to take him home to meet our mum.



May 11

Tresemme. Vision in red

Date: 6th May 2011

Line: Piccadilly Line

Submitted By: Addie

We love this guys hair, it looks so perfect (a little too perfect). Maybe being a redhead will get you more attention on the tube!!!



Apr 11

Tattoed Stallion


Date: 06/04/2011

Line: Victoria Line

This hunk casually sauntered on to the train and sat down right in front of one of the Tube Crush team, without a care in the world or any idea how frickin’ hot he was! The cheeky tattoo poking out from under his sleeve suggests there’s a bad-boy waiting to break outta that t-shirt. Hubba hubba.