Mar 17

Who’s Crushing Who

Date: 7th Marvh 2017

Line: District

Spotted by: Anon

When you glance up from your handset only to find there’s a very sexy suit type that got on at the last station. You fumble to open your camera and then he tilts his phone towards you. Tubecrush to the power of two! 

Cute but not my type (-22 rating, 46 votes)

Feb 17

Purple Rain

Date: 23rd February 2017


Submitted by: iBoke

This cute suited chap looks very handsome in his purple tie. With some sexy scruff and cheeky grin he could easily be our Prince. 

Cute but not my type (+33 rating, 79 votes)

Feb 17

Suited (and also booted)

Date: 6th February 2017

Line: Circle

Submitted by: JamieC

We love a suited guy here at Tubecrush so we couldn’t help but share this sexy guy in his long jacket and big shoes! You know what they say about big shoes! 

Cute but not my type (+2 rating, 68 votes)

Aug 16

Dreamy Blue Suit

Date: 17th August 2016

Line: Northern

Submitted by: TBlah

Not distracted by that ladies pins next to him this sexy man is everything you want on a Wednesday. Sharp suit – tick, Crisp white shirt – tick, nice watch to make sure to never be late for the endless dates we are going to go on – tick tick tick (tock)!! 

Cute but not my type (-37 rating, 117 votes)

Jun 16

Four Fingered Fellow

Date: 21st June 2016

Line: District

Submitted by: DE

Ahhh this poor chap has a poorly hand – luckily he can use his thumbs on his phone. Next time you see him on the district line give him a little kiss to make it better. 

Cute but not my type (+87 rating, 121 votes)

Mar 16

Dapper Dreads


Date: 3rd June 2015

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: JB 
This dapper hotty is working that tweed look on his commute home from work.  We would bet our bottom dollar he’s in fashion. 

Cute but not my type (-54 rating, 136 votes)

Feb 16

A couple of suits


Date: 31st January 2016

Line: District

Submitted by: BJh

Spotted on the District line, quite frankly it should have been the distraction line – with his trousers pulled up to make him more comfortable, our eyes were drawn to his…cute face! 

Cute but not my type (+136 rating, 186 votes)

Jan 16

Pink Tie Guy

Date: 4th June 2015

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Clint

You know what they say… Boys in pink make the girls (and other boys) wink! We can’t help but wonder why he wears it so long though – makes for a fantastic game of what’s underneath your tie though we suppose!! 

Cute but not my type (+138 rating, 158 votes)

Jan 16

The Dapper Dude


Date: 26th January 2016

Line: Northern 

Submitted by: Angela 
This handsome chap really knows how to heat our loins up. Clearly a sophisticated dresser with a crisp shirt and the shiniest shoes on the Northern Line. He would be someone you could take home to your mum!

Cute but not my type (+80 rating, 114 votes)

Jan 16

Side Eyes Surprise


Date: 27th August 2015

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: LooRai

This suited bit of commuter crumpet may just be looking at his phone, or he could be giving that guy next to him side eyes.  One thing is for sure he is certainly put together. 

Cute but not my type (+85 rating, 129 votes)

Aug 15

Two 4 One


Date: 21st August 2015

Line: Commuter Train 

Submitted by: @i_scotty 
Both are definitely hot, but which one is your favourite? 

Cute but not my type (+56 rating, 198 votes)

Aug 15

Model looks and luscious locks


Date: 19th August 2015

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: @aboywithabeard

What more is there to say?, Cute as a button.

Cute but not my type (-34 rating, 196 votes)

Jul 15

A suit-able boyfriend


Date: 23rd July 2015

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: James 
Anyone who knows Tubecrush would know we have a little penchant for a suited hottie. This sexy chap is no exception stylish from head to toe – be my boyfriend please….

Cute but not my type (+225 rating, 210 votes)

Jul 15

Distinguished District Dude


Date: 22nd May 2015

Line: Jubilee Line

Submitted by: I Want My Crush’s Babies

Sherry writes “I’m pretty sure my crush is a banker, but I sometimes wonder if he is actually an actor or model…and if he is, I’d love to know his name. I almost mustered enough courage to go near him and ask if I could have a photo taken with him (since I was just visiting London), but my courage faltered last minute. I wonder if I’ll ever see him again. Probably not…Ah well, gone are my fantasies of our 4 babies and our house with the white picket fence.

Cute but not my type (+26 rating, 142 votes)

Jul 15

Suit Beck and Sides

Date: 25th June 2015

Line: DLR

Submitted by: Alexandra

Is it just us or does this hottie look a bit like David Beckham? He is rockin that hairstyle and looking particularly sexy in that suit. Please form an orderly line folks…..

Cute but not my type (+160 rating, 168 votes)

Jul 15

The Mane Man


Date: 2nd July 2015

Line: District

Submitted by: BBEF 

Wowzers look at this boys hair – is it not just too tempting to run your fingers through? And we bet he doesn’t use that cheap nasty hair gel either and it’s lovely and soft. Clearly because he’s worth it. 

Cute but not my type (+65 rating, 152 votes)

May 15



Date: 29th May 2015

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: DH 

Cute hair and skinny jeans make this chap look quite a sex pot – we will forgive that his sock label appears to be hanging out on this occassion.

Cute but not my type (-102 rating, 317 votes)

May 15

Cue Hardons


Date: 27th May 2015

Line: Overground 

Submitted by: DC

Could this perfectly groomed, beardy man with his co-ordinated watch strap and shoes be just what the doctor ordered? We think so – two hard-to-get prescriptions for us please. 

Cute but not my type (+118 rating, 155 votes)

May 15

Come join me


Date: 5th May 2015

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Ravrag93

It’s a game of musical chairs minus the music and avoiding the urge to just plonk yourself on this sexy guys lap. Go…. 

Cute but not my type (+317 rating, 243 votes)

May 15

Sexy Satchel Scoundrel 


Date: 1st May 2015

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Mandy

This sexy man is fond of leather, with his big feet in his big shoes and big bag on his big (lap?) he is quite a catch on all accounts.

Cute but not my type (+404 rating, 303 votes)