Jul 15

Suit Beck and Sides

Date: 25th June 2015

Line: DLR

Submitted by: Alexandra

Is it just us or does this hottie look a bit like David Beckham? He is rockin that hairstyle and looking particularly sexy in that suit. Please form an orderly line folks…..

Jul 15

The Mane Man


Date: 2nd July 2015

Line: District

Submitted by: BBEF 

Wowzers look at this boys hair – is it not just too tempting to run your fingers through? And we bet he doesn’t use that cheap nasty hair gel either and it’s lovely and soft. Clearly because he’s worth it. 

May 15



Date: 29th May 2015

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: DH 

Cute hair and skinny jeans make this chap look quite a sex pot – we will forgive that his sock label appears to be hanging out on this occassion.

May 15

Cue Hardons


Date: 27th May 2015

Line: Overground 

Submitted by: DC

Could this perfectly groomed, beardy man with his co-ordinated watch strap and shoes be just what the doctor ordered? We think so – two hard-to-get prescriptions for us please. 

May 15

Come join me


Date: 5th May 2015

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Ravrag93

It’s a game of musical chairs minus the music and avoiding the urge to just plonk yourself on this sexy guys lap. Go…. 

May 15

Sexy Satchel Scoundrel 


Date: 1st May 2015

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Mandy

This sexy man is fond of leather, with his big feet in his big shoes and big bag on his big (lap?) he is quite a catch on all accounts.

Apr 15

Lush Lover Listens


Date: 16th April 2015

Line: District

Submitted by: DH

Dressed in a suit and clearly absorbed in his IPhone this sexy boyo sat in a solo seat. There’s no place to sit beside him so if you wanna sit down – go jump on his lap.

Apr 15

Lean Mean Grilling Machine


Date: 2nd April 2015

Line: Piccadilly

Submitted by: Laura  

This guy’s so hot we got distracted and let the George Foreman grill burn our pork loins 

Mar 15

The Colour (and taste) of Love

Date: 16th January 2015

Line: Jubilee 

Submitted by: Elgin

We don’t normally accept black and white images for Tubecrush but we saw this guy and thought “sod it – he’s far too beautiful not to post” if tasting really is believing then which part of him would you lick first?

Mar 15

Jubilee Hotness


Date: 6th March 2015

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: CityBoy

So the temperature in London today was quite comfortable as the sun was shining on us all, but imagine how uncomfortable it must have been for this sexily suited guy. To be that hot already with the sun shining down on your black tie suit – strip please Mr!

Mar 15

Whizzing Waistcoat

Date: 24th February 2015

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: Elaine

Just look at how fast that train is thundering through the countryside! Sexy boyo in the pic is yet completely in focus and even showing a bit of gun between studying and hydrating!

Feb 15

Big thighs and spotted ties


Date: 18th January 2014

Line: Northern

Submitted by: @howdry

Good lord, is this the hottest #Tubecrush of the year? The sharp suit, spotted tie, cute face and big thighs do it for us, oh and the fact he saw his picture being taken adds to it too!!

Dec 14

Read Listen Watch


Date: 11th December 2014_

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: RT-C

This oh so handsome, suit wearing passenger looks engrossed in his paper. Metro on the way in or Standard on the way home he loves a good read we’re sure.

Nov 14

Suits You, suits me


Date: Unsure

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Toshi

If you are a fan of Tubecrush you’ll know we like a suited chap and this handsome specimen is no exception. We can’t help wonder though what is in his bag he’s holding onto so tightly!

Nov 14

Poppy Hotty


Date: 9th November 2014

Line: District Line

Submitted by: @chardward

Check out this poppy wearing suited hottie. Sharp suit, neat hair and cute face. What more could you ask for?

Sep 14

Strap (hanger) On


Date: 20th July 2014

Line: Circle Line

Submitted by: Shazza

Holding on to the grab rail incase some hot piece of ass swipes him off his feet to never be seen again. Shazza said she thought he had a sexy French accent – oui oui j’adore!

Aug 14

Dirty Den What’s?


Date: 28th August 2014

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Mirriam

Look who Mirriam spotted on the Northern line – only one of the most famous TV villains of the UK! Leslie Grantham Not only a villain he also famously got caught on his webinar sucking his finger and showing his…. Ding Dong!

Jul 14

Just a hint of…


Date: 2nd July 2014

Line: District

Submitted by: Josh

Pink. In his tie that is! This sexy passenger was spotted on the District line, we think he is a super stylish hottie. Nice shoes too!

Jul 14

Clean Rugby Guy


Date: 4th July 2014

Line: DLR

Submitted by: Loulou

It’s a good job that this mans washing machine is in full working order and his shirts are so sparkling Daz white! By the look of his handsome body we bet he’s a rugby player and saves all his dirtiness for the weekends!!

Jul 14

Blondie Locks and the three stares


Date: 8th May 2014

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Graceisace

Not exactly the blondest of guys but he sure is handsome. How do you like your porridge? Cool? Warm? or Hot?