Jan 16

Big Smacker


Date: September 15

Line: Piccadilly 

Submitted by: Se1Adam 

Snacking on McDonalds and getting his caffeine kick from Redbull this hottie would be someone we would jump on and kiss – we may be too late…. is that lipstick on his leg? And those tats! Mmmmm 

Cute but not my type (+68 rating, 156 votes)

Jan 16

The Love Seat


Date: 27th August 2015

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Allen

This guy has an opening, a spare seat right next to him waiting for the love of his life to jump in and change his world. The only problem is…. it’s more difficult to Tubecrush someone you are sat next to!  

Cute but not my type (-23 rating, 133 votes)

Aug 12

The Eve of Perfection

Date: 3rd Aug 2012

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: jalapegno

Tattoos, amazing arms, shaved head, pecks. We don’t think we have enough tags to describe how amazing this guy is.

Cute but not my type (+190 rating, 428 votes)

Sep 11

Get Shorty

Date: Unspecified

Line: Piccadilly

Submitted by: PMonkey

So it may not be summer any longer but it seems that a certain fit, tanned, well hydrated, silver chain wearing guy was just too hot to wear clothes on his tube journey. At the end of his journey he apparently took the shorts off as well and walked home naked*. A whole new meaning to Cockfosters.

*This didnt really happen anywhere apart from in my mind.

Cute but not my type (-224 rating, 694 votes)

Aug 11

Hard Decision

Date: 16th August 2011

Line: Victoria Line

Submitted by: Emma

Just too much choice seems to be the problem here but really ours isn’t! This guy has such great legs we wish we could have had a wider shot, or a close up or shorter shorts…

Cute but not my type (-309 rating, 447 votes)

Aug 11

Tattoo Lean-to

Date: 16th August 2011

Line: Metropolitan

This commuter cutie seems to be completely engrossed in his IPod whilst gazing aimlessly across the carriage. He has those masculine workman arms/hands, that would be good at pretty much anything, odd jobs, fixing those girly things that girlies just can’t do and….. massage anyone?

Cute but not my type (+142 rating, 429 votes)

Aug 11

It’s all ta-too much

It's All Tat-too Much -

Date: 26th June 2011

Line: Victoria Line

Submitted By: Naz

I can’t cope. All those tatoos, all those muscles, all that raw animal grrrrr-ness. It’s all a bit too much. Lucky I hadn’t been on this tube, else I definitely would have asked you to move out of the priority seat. But only so I could get a better view of this guy!

Cute but not my type (-50 rating, 501 votes)

Aug 11

Tat’s Incredible

Date: 22nd July 2011

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted By: Jase

Despite his gruff appearance, which makes me want to howl a whole array of different animal noises, I’m sure this tattooed stallion is actually a sensitive soul. He does wear his art on his sleeve, after all (geddit?).

Cute but not my type (+199 rating, 542 votes)