We Need Your Opinions

We are no stranger to being featured in the news or on TV/Radio but recently Tubecrush has been selected to be a major topic of study for “Technologies of Sexiness” author and senior lecturer at Coventry University – Dr Adrienne Evans and Sarah Riley. They have both been interested in TubeCrush for the last couple of years, and want to speak to TubeCrush users, to find out how they understand the website. They are trying to make sense of how Londoners manage busy lives, new workplaces and finding people attractive.

Where do you come in?

All she is looking for from you is a chat, (maybe on a Tube journey) and will definitely shout you a coffee afterwards!

If you’d like any more information, please do get in touch with Ady or Sarah on the details below. In fact they’re happy to give you any information, even if you’re not interested in taking part – and just want to find out more about their project!

Ady (Adrienne.evans@coventry.ac.uk)

Sarah (scr2@aber.ac.uk)”