Mar 15

Man Hatter

Date: 6th March 2015

Line: Central

Submitted by: Lil

This fashionable chap is looking very handsome with his scarf on tight and his hat on top of his shaggy hairstyle. If you see him about town shout “Man Hatter”


Oct 14

Sharing is caring


Date: 19th September 2014

Line: Piccadilly

Submitted by: CX257

We wonder if this guys lady doesn’t mind sharing him. All he needs is just a secret admirer who can take a good picture of him from the right angle!

Apr 14

Want his number?



Date: 4th April 2014

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Anastasia

We are hereby making a suggestion to @TFL to roll-out  a new initiative across their whole network – all carriages to be fitted with telephone number plaques above extremely hot model like men travelling on the underground. We saw this guy and picked up the phone, sadly though we didn’t get through to him.

Feb 14

Once Smitten Nice Guy


Date: 11th February 2014

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Smitten

If lip biting were in the Winter Olympics then Sochi had better watch out. This sexy piece of eye candy is going for gold…

Jan 14

Knees Please


Date: Unknown

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Adam

On his way to or from the gym, this handsome chap is zoning out the carriage with his headphones. Keep up the good work on those legs mr fittie.

Nov 13

Live for the applause


Date: 31st October 2013

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Alison

This handsome dude is putting his hands up and making them touch (the handrail) so we think he is listening to Lady Gaga – could be wrong…

Oct 13

Mile Thigh Club


Date: 20th October 2013

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: @twinaus

There are a few clubs in life worth joining, the ‘like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit’ club, the infamous mile high club and if this hot guy has anything to do with it – the thigh high club – nothing to do with leather boots. #justsaying

Oct 13



Date: 2nd October 2013

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Lynda

It looks like this guy got it right in the eye whilst sat comfortably on his journey. We think Lynda caught the money shot because this chap has quite beautiful eyes…

May 13

Brolly Dolly


Date: 27th May 2013

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Zaza

We all hate a grey, wet day and cold summers but this sexy boy brings out the sunshine on a dreary tube journey! Check out his bright umbrella – umbrellas in Pink make the girls/boys wink!

Mar 13

Red Coat


Date: 22 March 2012

Line: Northern

Submitted by: NG

Best to keep your coats on for the moment everyone, it looks as if spring id going to be a little while longer! We here at Tubecrush HQ are as upset as anybody, we haven’t seen one pair of shorts all March! Hopefully this cute guy will keep you busy until then!

Nov 12

Red Stripe

Date: 24 August 2012

Line: Bakerloo

Submitted by JK

If we had one we’d offer it to this hot guy, although we all know drinking is not allowed on the tube. Still, there in no law against looking and dreaming!

Oct 12

Big Boy Blue

Date: 8th Oct 2012

Line: Piccadilly Line

Submitted By: S. Del Pizzo

As the famous nursery rhyme goes Little Boy Blue, Come blow your horn, it fill us with all types of possibilities. Blue is now the colour of love.

Sep 12

V for Victory

Date:24th September 2012

Line: Victoria Line

Submitted By: Darren

In the battle of the hottest tube lines, we think that the Victoria line might be on the way to winning. The submitter has managed to get three hot guys in one picture. We can’t decide who we prefer.

Jul 12

Is That A ?????? In Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Date: 8th July 2012

Line: Overground

Submitted by: SM

What has this good looking casual guy got in his pocket? Answers on a postcard.

Jul 12

Daydreaming Guy


Date: 8th July 2012

 Line: Northern Line

Submitted by: Darkwing 

This guy is in a world of his own, just sitting there looking good in his shorts. We always wonder what these hot guys are thinking about?

Jun 12

Leather You Like It Or Not

Date: 1st June 2012

Line: District Line

Submitted By: MJC

You have to agree there is something special about this guy. Could it be the cool biker look or the dirt but gentle look in his eyes? All we know is that we love him!

Jun 12

Jubilee Weekend

For this weekend we are collating our favourite TubeCrushes from the Jubilee Line and posting them on our special page – keep checking back we are adding 2 pics each day!

May 12

Aside From The Parting

Date: 27th April 2012

Line: Bakerloo

Submitted by: Shiraz

We’re pretty sure there is more to this guy than just his hair. He looks like he has a great sense of style, we love his burgundy trousers and his designer stubble. It looks as if his only trouble in the world is what cool music to play next…

Apr 12

Big ‘Strapping’ Boy

Date: 19h April 2012

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Deano

The submitter said “This was worth the scramble after the O2 concert, sat opposite the late night office boy. He kept playing with his bag strap and I think we all know where he should to hang it!”

Mar 12

Camo Candy

Date: 22nd March 2012

Line: Victoria

Submitted by: Gemma

Been a while since we’ve had a guy co-ordinate themselves with the colours of our favourite tube line! So here he is, looking sexy in blue, clearly on his way to or from a work out! Good job someone spotted him…