May 15

Off Side Rule

Date: 16th May 2015

Line: Central

Submitted by: Northern Munkey

Has everyone understood the off side rule? Well basically it goes something like this… When you see a gorgeous guy on the tube…. take a picture from the side. It’s so simple we don’t know what all the fuss is about!

Mar 15

Bearded Gunner


Date: 20th February 2015

Line: Central

Submitted by: Dotty´╗┐

With his arms busting out of his nice fitted jacket, this handsome guy could be accused of concealing a weapon or two. 

Nov 14

Thirsty Tatted Tottie


Date: 15th November 2014

Line: Central

Submitted by: Saveferris

With his legs crossed and his sexy redhead swagger this hottie seems to have spotted something interesting on the platform. Is it a Marble? Is it an Arch? No he’s just checking the train is for Epping.

Nov 14

Pap a Flat Cap


Date: 8th November 2014

Line: Central

Submitted by: Hudson

This dapper chap must surely be heading east on the central line with his cool flat cap and beard combo going on. We think he looks pretty sexy Specsy in those glasses too, we just love a Shoreditch guy on Tubecrush!

Sep 14

Do the muscle


Date: 28th September 2014

Line: Central

Submitted by: LV

Van McCoy could release a follow up song to his hot songwith a slight change in words to Muscle!! This handsome chap must be a personal trainer or fitness coach with his built arms and physique. Join the sing a long and ‘ Do The Muscle’!

Sep 14

Shorts and Quick


Date: 20th September 2014

Line: Central

Submitted by: @sparrowflu

Sporting a flamboyant pink quicksilver tee this sexy hottie looks like he has been getting a tan in the September sun. Not sure about the green shorts though.

Aug 14

Dirty Groin


Date: 31st August 2014

Line: Central Line

Submitted by: Socks

Ever wondered what those dirty workman get up to off the job? Well this cutie just hops aboard the central line and travels along hoping to be TubeCrushed – He succeeded, he may have a dirty groin but it’s you that has the dirty mind!

Aug 14

He Just Did It


Date: 23rd August 2014

Line: Central

Submitted by: MORL

He may be wearing a Nike tick and looking particularly sporty in his tracksuit but that didn’t stop MORL snapping him for Tubecrush. He hesitated and just did it! #terriblejustdoitpun

Jun 14

Mickey Mmmmmarry me


Date: 8th June 2014

Line: Central Line

Submitted by: PT

Yesterday’s Tubecrush had a serious lip Smacker-ness about him and today’s…. Well I don’t think their is a gurl out there not biting her lip at thought of this guy in her vicinity. Whether you’re a fan of retro T’s or not this guy is certainly worthy of a night in our magic kingdom! Peekaboo!

Jun 14

Holborn this way


Date: 12th June 2014

Line: Central Line

Submitted by: Alex

Doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H.O.T. Just pick your phones up, coz he’s in Holborn this way baby.

Jun 14

Quality and Sweet


Date: 11th May 2014

Line: Central Line

Submitted by: Garbo

Like a quality street this sexy sweet thing needs someone to unwrap him. We are not entirely sure of his filling but we would bet money on it being a delicious fondant!

Jun 14

Numbers just don’t lie


Date: 25th May 2014

Line: Central Line

Submitted by: SteB

If numbers really do matter then people should form an orderly queue and ask this guy for his telephone number. Or of course his tshirt could mean other numbers such as measurements! The circumference around his big muscly arms is….

May 14

Help Me, I’m Lost


Date: 23rd May 2014

Line: Central Line

Submitted by: Brett

If TFL could improve on one thing it would be to have personal concierges in every carriage to assist passengers. Given that the drivers are striking and the ticket office staff being redeployed we think this is an unlikely option. This sexy chap will just have to strike up conversation with the passenger next to him and ask “Help!”.

May 14

Taking in the landscape


Date: 20th May 2014

Line: Central

Submitted by: ARTY ELSA

This hotty is probably playing a game on an app but with his IPhone held sideways he could be mistaken for taking a sly Tubecrush himself! Elsa was drawn to his arms but we are drawn somewhere else!!! His floppy hair of course (clean your dirty minds ladies).

May 14

The football twins


Date: 13th May 2014

Line: Circle

Submitted by: JReid

Are you searching for the man in the mirror? Well these chaps aren’t any longer they have found their doubles! What better on this sunny day to celebrate these two sporty hot ones!

Sep 13

Sleeves Up Shirt Out


Date: 27th September 2013

Line: Central

Submitted by: Fredstar85

You know when someone means business when they roll their sleeves up. Sexy boy here also untucked his shirt and unbuttoned his top buttons – what business is he he up for we ask!

Sep 13

Through the glass


Date: 4th September 2013

Line: Central

Submitted by: Twitter Follower

TFL don’t so a bad job of keeping their trains in good nick, one of the most important cleaning jobs for any TubeCrusher is a clean shiny glass partition. It can serve as a mirror in the mornings on the way in to work and for the rest of the day allows for cute guys like this to rest their heads.

Aug 13

Independence Yay


Date: 4th July 2013

Line: Central

Submitted by: Dickie

What luck to be TubeCrushed on the 4th of July – if only it was safe to have fireworks on the tube – but this sexy chap certainly lit a few sparks with Dickie.

Jul 13

Chest Exposure


Date: Unknown

Line: Central

Submitted by: @rich_powell_

Looking down to his left this hunky passenger appears to be showing off his pecs. Catch him at the right angle and we imagine seeing nippledge. We like his style – very city, very sex and the city.

Jul 13

German Delight


Date: 7th July 2013

Line: Circle

Submitted by: GldnUK

We are going to leave the sausage references alone and focus on this sexy guys cute face and his aviator shades – Top Gun worthy sunnies are always worth a mention!