Aug 16

Thighs for the eyes

Date: 28th August 2016

Line: Bakerloo

Submitted by: Burn2A

This sexy guy absolutely, positively, definitely does not miss leg day. His small sexy shorts and big sexy legs make us moist at the thought of him.

Cute but not my type (+18 rating, 28 votes)

Jun 16

iPads and Shin Pads

Date: 13th June 2016

Line: Overground

Submitted by: LV

This footballer type is giving us the chills, those sexy arms and defined chest make us want to play ‘Keepie Uppy’!

Cute but not my type (+99 rating, 109 votes)

Jun 16

Polo Yolo

Date: 8th June 2016

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted by: AfterDark

All we can say is sexy sexy muscle guy love him! #YOLOPOLOGUY

Cute but not my type (+55 rating, 113 votes)

Mar 16

Lap him up 

Date: 25th March 2016

Line: Northern

Submitted by: PDP 
Wanna run laps with him or sit on his lap? Either way we’d lap him up! 

Cute but not my type (+117 rating, 157 votes)

Mar 16

Cold but So Hot


 Date: 23rd February 2016

Line: Commuter Train 

Submitted by: AWA

This sexy guy looks like he’s wearing as much as possible to keep him warm but we think he’d look equally as hot naked.  

Cute but not my type (-56 rating, 126 votes)

Jan 16



Date: 29th January 2016

Line: Circle

Submitted by: Dave 
We love a man who knows his wood well. This Lumberjack looking hottie just needs an axe over his shoulder to top his look off!  

Cute but not my type (+37 rating, 87 votes)

Jan 16

Caught Crushing


Date: 22nd January 2016

Line: Central

Submitted by: Kay

It looks like this sexy guy spotted he was being Tubecrushed. Look at his arms and chest grrrr hottie alert. Do you think he is smiling for he camera or feeling awkward? 

Cute but not my type (+111 rating, 147 votes)

Jan 16

LipStubble Lover


Date: 16th January 2016

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: Violet

We love a guy with a smart hairstyle and some facial hair. It’s a shame he’s all dressed in black, we wish we could inject some colour into his life starting with perhaps a transfer of some red lipstick on to those kissable lips. 

Cute but not my type (-20 rating, 78 votes)

Jan 16

Leather G-lover


Date: 31st December 2015

Line: Northern

Submitted by:  Blake
When a Woolley glove just won’t do a leather one will keep your hand warm. Judging by this guys cute face he doesn’t need a glove – he is hot already! 

Cute but not my type (+80 rating, 124 votes)

Nov 15

Kents Best Body


Date: 10th November 2015

Line: Northern Line

Submitted by: AH

This sexy guy is 100% home county hotness. Probably not actually from Canterbury, we wouldn’t mind seeing this guy in person and asking him to show us around those shorts.

Cute but not my type (+70 rating, 196 votes)

Aug 15

3 stripes and you’re  out

Date: 22nd August 2015

Line: Jubilee Line

Submitted by: girrygiraffe

This stubbly hottie was spotted at Waterloo. We’re not sure if he always carries his Adidas bag like this but it sure does show off his nice arms!

Cute but not my type (+167 rating, 195 votes)

Jul 15

Talk Talk Sit Sit


Date: 15th July 2015

Line: Victoria 

Submitted by: Ajax 
And apparently Ajax told us he was talk-talking in French! We love a hot French accent on a hot French man. Insert appropriate Baguette joke here…..

Cute but not my type (+65 rating, 107 votes)

Jun 15

Pec’in Perfect


Date: 6th June 2015

Line: Jubilee Line

Submitted by: Sean

This handsome so and so is surely only wearing glasses on the tube as all those camera flashes were blinding him. 

Cute but not my type (-46 rating, 216 votes)

Jun 15

Military Man 


Date: 2nd June 2015

Line: Victoria 

Submitted by: Phillippa 

Who doesn’t love a sexy man in army green coloured clothes. Forget IED’s this guy is so hot there may be a different type of explosion going on. 

Cute but not my type (+233 rating, 188 votes)

Jun 15

Cam Ooof Large

Date: 4th April 2015

Line:  Northern

Submitted by: D

We can’t confirm or deny that this sexy guy is called Cam but we can say look at those big arms and pecs – Ooof. Yum.

Cute but not my type (-137 rating, 275 votes)

Apr 15

Foxy Cool


Date: 17th April 2015

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Alice

The sun really did have his hat on, on this morning or the sex pot in this picture was nursing a hangover. That hairy chest really got us going! Grrrrr.

Cute but not my type (-44 rating, 197 votes)

Feb 15

Big thighs and spotted ties


Date: 18th January 2014

Line: Northern

Submitted by: @howdry

Good lord, is this the hottest #Tubecrush of the year? The sharp suit, spotted tie, cute face and big thighs do it for us, oh and the fact he saw his picture being taken adds to it too!!

Cute but not my type (+128 rating, 600 votes)

Jan 15

D L Ahhhh


Date: 15th January 2015

Line: DLR

Submitted by: SGO

Wow this sexy workman was so hot that whoever sent him in couldn’t decide which pic was best. We’re not sure what makes him so special but it could just be his cute face or the fact that his helmet is by his knees.

Cute but not my type (+648 rating, 1,337 votes)

Dec 14

Santas Big Helper


Date: 19th December 2014

Line: Piccadilly

Submitted by: Nick

Lifting sacks much? His Arms – need we say any more?

Cute but not my type (+296 rating, 460 votes)

Dec 14

Pink Tatted Tuber


Date: 9th December 2014

Line: Jubilee

Submitted by: Bluesyyle

You know what they say about boys in pink making the girls wink? No? neither do we but this hottie with his tats out and his big arms makes us wink, groan and quiver.

Cute but not my type (-77 rating, 235 votes)