Aug 11

Please Look up

Date: 22nd July 2011

Line: Hammersmith and City Line

Submitted By: sparrowflu

In these gloomy day it’s nice to see someone dressing for the summer, now all we need is for him to look at the camera.

Aug 11

The Big Red

Date: 10th Aug 2011

Line: District Line

Submitted By: Crushed2011

Crushed2011 has done it again. This guy is HOT!!! We just want to know where he has been. Gym? Or some other sporty event? This guy looks so good in red.  We are thinking of taking up a sport, not sure if taking pictures would ever be in the Olympics

Aug 11

Nice and close

Date: 27th July 2011

Line: Overground

Submitted By: Sophie

We love it when the submitters get up close and personal. She has gone up close on this picture. He is looking very cool, not like the rest of us at a hard day at the office.

Aug 11

The big C

Date: 10th August 2011

Line: Metropolitan Line

Submitted by: Gemma

The big C, This guy is very nice, the submitter timed it just right, he is looking straight at the camera. We are loving the smoking hot look, where is he going with that big bag? Tubecrush HQ is only a few stops away.