Aug 12

Rugged Rugby

Date: 20th August

Line: Northern

Submitted by: fine linea

Today is shorts day on TC and what better way to start than with this super hot rugby guy.  After a hard game of rugby he’s on his way. I think he will need a good massage when he gets home. Are there any volunteers?

Feb 12

Arrow points to perfection

Date: 10th February 2012

Line: Piccadilly Line

Submitted by: Sexy S

The arrow points the way to paradise. It’s all aboard the love train with this guy, what do you think is in his bag? Gym kit or rugby kit?

Nov 11

Twickenham bound

Date: 1st November 2011

Line: Victoria Line

Submitted By: Tube Rob

We love rugby or maybe it’s just rugby players. This guy has increased our interest in playing. It’s all about the scrum!!!

Oct 11

Truly Scrum-cious

Truly Scrum-cious - TubeCrush.net

Date: 24th October 2011

Line: Northern Line

Submitted By: Aaron

At TubeCrush HQ, we’re always very fond of the Rugby types, despite their funny shaped balls. And this dashing dude is quite obviously a formidable flanker who puts the scrum in scrummy. We wouldn’t mind a spot of touch Rugby with him if it was on offer.

Oct 11

You Forgot Sexy

Date: 18th October 2011

Line: Central Line

Submitted By: Verity

Well this is handy. Just when Verity was looking for someone big and clever, this massive piece of raw sexy woofness got on the tube. It hasn’t yet been confirmed whether she asked for a cheeky squeeze of his biceps, but we sure hope she did.

Sep 11

Pink ‘n’ Packin’

Date: 27th September 2011

Line: District Line

Submitted By: Crushed2011

Who said real men don’t wear pink? This pink panther is packin more punch than your average puny punter. What a pity he wasn’t on my train!

Sep 11

Bromantic Atmosphere

Date: 27th September 2011

Line: Northern Line

Submitted By: Agent M

Sometimes what the heart sees is invisble to the eye, which is why these two have struck up such a strong bromance. Thankfully for us, what is visible to the eye is good. Proper good. And there’s two of it. Good work Agent M.

Sep 11

Physical Education

Date: 14th September 2011

Line: Circle Line

Submitted By: Coxy

Following on from last week’s maths lesson, it’s time for a little PE. And luckily we’ve found our perfect games teacher whose gonna shout in your face and tell you to give him 20 (push ups that is). So get your tightest little shorts on and get ready to get physical.

Next Lesson: English where Book Worm Beauty will be discussing the intricacies of DH Lawrence’s back catalogue. Hopefully in speedos.


Aug 11

Total Eclipse of the Hunk

Total Eclipse of the Hunk - TubeCrush.net

Date: 2nd August 2011

Line: Northern Line

Submitted By: Bonnie Tyler Hoaxer

Looks like the Beefcake Book Club might have a new member, though we’re not sure Twilight is on the reading list. Might we recommend something more high brow? Lady Chatterley’s Lover perhaps?

Jul 11

Midnight Snack

Date: 27th July 2011

Line: Victoria Line

Submitted By: Blondie_la_la

I think we’re all familiar with the feeling of getting a bit peckish in the night and creeping downstairs to nibble on a tasty treat. As far as tasty Midnight treats go though, they don’t get much better than this hunk-tastic specimen. Now if someone could arrange for him to be waiting for me at the strike of twelve this evening, I think I might just spread him on toast and gobble him all up.

Jul 11


Date: 12th July 2011

Line: Victoria Line

Submitted By: DAB

This is a warning to all users. Do not leave this photo on your screen too long, as this guy is *so* frickin hot that he may burn a hole in your display. Well, with those broad shoulders and rugged demeanour I wouldn’t mind him making me sizzle.

Jul 11

Reasons to be cheerful


Date: 8th July 2011

Line: Northern Line

Submitted by: Alex

1-      It’s Friday

2-      It might not rain this weekend

3-      You might see this guy on the way home from work.

This guy makes being stuck on a hot train worthwhile. Look at his chest, he is the type of guy that make the squashed rush hour enjoyable. We would love to be pushed up against him.

Jul 11

Chest out

Date: 05th July 2011

Line: Jubilee Line

Submitted By: Jade

If you got it flaunt it and this guy sure has it. This submitter said he had the perfect chest, we can see why she took this picture. He sure does fill that top well

Jun 11

Rugby Heavens

Date: 10th June 2011

Line: Central Line

Submitted By: GeordieLass

In that tight white t-shirt that shows off his muscular physique, we can only assume that God answered our prayers for a bit of rugby rump on the Central Line. And what a rump it is! We’re not sure which God it was, but was probably one of those rampant Greek ones that was at it like rabbits.

Jun 11

Holding out for a hero

Date: 12th June 2011

Line: Bakerloo Line

Submitted By: Penny P

Thank you Penny P. We think we might have found the pin-up boy for Tubecrush. It’s not very often that we see someone this strong and handsome, for some reason we have been singing the Bonnie Tyler song all day “Where have all good men gone And where are all the gods?” They are on the Bakerloo line.

Jun 11

Beauty and the Biceps

Date: 3rd June 2011

Line: DLR

Submitted By: Phil E14

Hollywood, I’ve got your next rubbish rom-com hit right here: a beautiful man romances a hefty set of dumbells and sculpts a beastly set of biceps that are renowned the world over. Commuters from across London reportedly swoon, faint and lose the power of speech upon sight. Man and biceps live happily ever after.

Jun 11

Vintage Burgundy

Date: 27th May 2011

Line: Circle Line

Submitted By: Crushed2011

A hot man can be like a fine wine, and we prefer our wines full bodied with a hint of frutiness. If this man was a wine, he would be a vintage Burgundy; remarkably palatable and tasty yet refined and classy.


May 11

The Beefcake Book Club

Date: 25th May 2011

Line: District Line

Submitted By: Crushed2011

Brontë sisters, move over: there’s a new literary dynasty in town, and this one has MUSCLES! With more braun than you can shake a very big stick at, the size of their books suggests that they like to exercise their intellect as much as their biceps. Now if only I can get them to read me a bedtime story….

May 11

Eye Spy…

Date: 24th May 2011

Line: Northern Line

Submitted By: Robert

….with my little eye, something beginning with H. No, not harassment. Give up? It’s one seriously HOT HUNK. And he’s looking right at me – uh oh.

OK new game…it’s called ‘Hide the Sausage’.

May 11

Mr Muscle

Mr Muscle

Date: 7th May 2011

Line: Northern Line

Submitted By: JZ

Not just good at fighting grease in your oven, Mr Muscle is also excellent at brightening up your morning commute. With toned arms, and with what we suspect is a body firm enough to bounce a 50p off, we’re thinking about introducing him to some of our other friends: Mr Slap and Mr Tickle.