Perfect Pout

Date: 13th April 2011

Line: Jubilee Line

Submitted By: rodflyer

This guy is looking pretty pleased with himself. To be fair, if I looked that good, I’d walk around looking permanently pleased. But he also has the most pointedly perfect pout. Maybe he’s auditioning to be in a Zovirax advert.



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  1. Staged.

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  2. What an adonis. Definitely husband material.

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  3. Looks a little too sure of himself for my liking. However, I would not kick him out of bed if he fell into it!

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  4. I am almost certain this is quite a famous England rugby player with initials D.C. If not, I would happily meet this twin on the tube.

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  5. Blimey, I had to anchor myself to my chair for fear of slipping off when I saw Mr Pout!!!!

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  6. you are very hansome!
    saludos desde MĂ©xico!

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