Noon time treat


Date: 10th July 2011

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Amy

This super hot guy seems lonely sat there amongst the empty seats of the carriage and this makes us sad. We thought of a perfect solution…..the first ten people to give him the thumbs up get to sit down next to him! Erm actually this clearly is impossible but still the thought is exciting! Get thumbing!



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  1. I know of a way to cheer him up …:-0

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  2. oh yum…yum yum yummy!!!

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  3. What a puppy! Don’t you just want to pet him on the head? Or maybe rub his stomach?

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  4. what a dish. looks like a younger al pacino

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  5. afternoon delight! I’d love to get my hands on him!

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  6. Speaking for the world

    He’s a SAAAAD KEANU.

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  7. some Nandos would cheer him up 😉

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