Jack Will


Date: 10th May 2011

Line: London Overground

Submitted By: Jay

Let’s play a game shall we? It’s similar to Simon Says, but this one is called Jack Wills Basically you say stuff that you think he should do, and he’ll do it. I’ll go first…

Jack will…make my jaw hit the floor because he’s so hot.

Next up…

Jack will…take his top off….(well, we can dream can’t we?)

If you like his look then you will love this;





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  1. Love him! Shorts were made for lads like him

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  2. Love it! Hello…pink

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  3. Pam’s favourite. Can’t see it myself

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  4. Patent the game Jay … we’re already playing Jack Will in the office over lunch! Genius … D

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  5. hunk of beef! yum!

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  6. buenorro, sí, pero le falta una chispa final de morbo.

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