Tubecrush Ladies

If you have found yourself on this page its probably because you are looking for pictures of the fairer sex travelling on the tube. We don’t blame you, when Tubecrush hit the internet back in 2011 many copycat websites sprung up that imitated what we had set out to do but with just images of women. These sites were quickly taken down due to (amongst other reasons) public outcry at the sheer idea of men (or women for that matter) photographing women in a public place, (crazy we know) but the debate continued.

Why did we just focus on images of men?

There was a simple reason we launched the site just showing images of men back in 2011. We decided that in order for Tubecrush to be taken seriously we had to set the tone of the website first, so people could understand what we were about and get what #Tubecrush actually stood for. Celebrating the attractiveness of the strangers we saw on the underground in our normal everyday lives. These people bring us smiles, make us realise we all have different types and highlight that as humans we are attracted to people of the opposite/same sex.

Our website is quite often tongue in cheek but always complimentary towards the subjects in the photographs, the comments are moderated, The copy is positive, the pictures are always clear and good quality and the feedback we have received from our global critics over the years has been vastly positive. Afterall the reason the image appears on the website in the first place is that someone found that person attractive enough to take a picture and send it in to us.

Connecting People

We have actually now connected three different couples via the website, matching a ‘tubecrusher’ with ‘tubecrushee’ and we know that they met up and have been on dates since. Connecting people, strangers who met on a train, people who exchanged a spark that was captured on camera and we facilitated them tracking each other down. Its a powerful thing we did right there!

Whilst we continue to battle in this world for equality, (of not only gender but race, sexuality, disability and spiritual belief) we appreciate that the world is not yet perfect and from a personal safety perspective Men and Women are unfortunately different. There are too many cases of street harassment towards women (more so than Men) and websites such as Hollaback London highlight this issue. We support what they do in stamping out street harassment and as such we delayed the launch of an updated website (which folks – will include pictures of women too) until we have got it 100% right and the messaging is clear.

So are we nearly there?

Yes we are – we are making tweaks to the website and even adding the ability to try and track down your missed connections! Kind of like The Metro’s Rush Hour Crush (which we inspired don’t you know!) but better! Watch this space!

For now though (since you are here already) wanting a picture of a girl on the tube here is a picture of a beautiful female passenger doing her make up – we found it online!

Make Up Tube

Thanks for enjoying Tubecrush – now head over and look at some of the guys that were recently sent in to us, if you are a guy reading this you might even find a picture of yourself!