Tubecrushers Needed for a TV show

Could you be the next reality TV Star?

A producer is developing a new TV show for the UK and wants to speak to as many young people as possible about their dating disasters/happy endings/general love stories which have happened when they’re in their late teens/early 20s.

Are you a serial Tubecrusher who falls in love at first sight on every journey to work? Perhaps you have been Tubecrushed and would like to share your experience – did you meet up on a date with your admirer? – do we hear the sound of wedding bells?


The Tv show would love to tell a story of someone who met via this Tubecrush!”Are you always told that your love life is like a reality TV show? Do you feel like you’re in a romantic comedy? Is your relationship history a string of dating disaster stories? Or are you living happily ever after?We are looking for young people to take part in a brand new TV show. We want to hear your funny, heart-warming, moving, embarrassing and dramatic love stories.

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