Rugger Stud

Date: 20th July 2017

Line: Circle Line

Submitted by: MarkyMark

We just can't get enough of this sexy guys tattoos on his thighs. So yummy that if they were in a KFC bucket we would eat them up – bone and all!!



Cute but not my type (+158 rating, 370 votes)


  1. He’s a famous gay Aussie Olympian!

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  2. That’s rugby player Simon Dunn. Ladies, he doesn’t play for your team!

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  3. Sexy Simon Dunn. Total Fit guy super hottie.

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  4. A hot rugged sexy guy

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  5. How shallow! How sad!

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  6. haha. bit of fun and people are going crazy. who doesnt like a bit of eye candy 😉

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  7. Legs. .. damn

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  8. Mysterious Kween

    hmmm, looks a bit staged, lets keep tube crush for genuine incognito captures!

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  9. LondonTraveller

    My thoughts exactly. The fun of this site is in the spontaneity, not shots like this.

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