Date: 26th May 2012

Line: Overgrond

Submitted by: Alex J

We really do love short shorts, especially when they are filled by an amazingly hot guy.  We hope the is the standard of pictures to come, out comes the heat and out comes the shorts.

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  • Zooby

    Only works when the crushee has good legs. This works!

  • Gay Smurf

    Very nice, needs to work on his tan though.

  • Tom

    He rocks the wifebeater too, but his legs are just yummy. I don’t agree Gay Smurf, that he needs to have a tan, the black wouldn’t look as good on him then and I find the perception, that hot guys should be tanned, quite annoying. It refreshing to see handsome men who aren’t bronzed to within an inch of there lives.