Little Blue Tee

Date: 29th January 2012

Line: Northern

Submitted by: Paul P

Girls, you have your LBD. We have well, any small t-shirt really! If anybody here at Tubecrush HQ had a body like this, we would only wear a t-shirt all year round. We wouldn’t care if it was the middle of winter during a cold snap! Oh yeah, and he’s reading a book…



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  1. What a hottie!!!!!!!!!…. OMG!… … my type: white, dark hair and nice muscles <3

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  2. A little Italian beauty

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  3. The man who is concentrate on a book is sexy.

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  4. Shallowsister2

    a brain, muscles and looks. Would love to know what he was reading just to give an idea of the type of gorgeous man he is.

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