To Whom It May Concern

Date: 11th August 2011

Line: Northern Line

Submitted By: Ben

Dear White Shirt,

Thank you. You have made our day considerably better. Please also pass on our thanks to your good friends Good Hair, Impeccable Tan and Well Fitted Trousers. They have all performed outstandingly well on this occasion.

Kind regards,

Hot Flushes.

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  • Graeme Robertson

    what’s that line again about worshipping the trousers that cling to him? Consider me bewitched at least.YUM :)

  • alissa afonina


  • WeAreFoals

    Dammn he is perfect !

  • buterscotch

    OMG! Perfection in deed… I’d have that for breakfast any time!
    Note to self: take the tube more often…

  • Júlio

    Esta calça é muito sexy. Além do que o rapaz é um belo exemplar da espécie.

  • jaycee2

    wow is all………….

  • alex
  • Pammy74

    In Italy we just say: figo….

    • Reniedream

      what does figo mean?

  • Fattucchiera

    DEAR ENGLISH GIRLS! welcome to Moscow, you will be surprised and shocked with that amount of ugl and stincky guys here!!!!!! be happy that there are so many appetite boys in your country!!!!!!!1

  • Sphinx77

    God bless your parents for the genes they have bestowed upon you.

  • Lois

    Too perfect…..just not fair….I want him!!

  • Chrisholt1234

    i am in love

  • Lais


  • me

    if he ever sat in front of me on the tube, I would probably start drooling. YUMMY!!!

  • grace


  • winnielucy

    I took him as David Beckham at first! Woah!!!

  • 282636964


  • Yingying Xue

    so cool,that’s great!

  • Yingying Xue

    so cool,like this!

  • michelle

    i god so excited when i m eating my breakfast!

  • kevin

    he was super hot , god I wish I would suck it up !!

  • Wei Wei

    he is perfect!!!



  • Lj7and9


  • Penny

    These guys make world sooooooooo beautiful, I love them.

  • guest

    I like the shirt.

  • Anonymous

    He totally beats David Beckham!!!!!!!!

  • holly


  • Anonymous

    so handsome

  • 850309lili


  • shannon

    wow he caught my eyes~~ HOT HOT

  • Wenbin

    HO god…….I like !

  • unfree __


  • Shallowsister2

    OMG that man is hot. It’s just in the way he stands.

  • Lt478891771


  • Bianca Scarpat

    “Black pants… White shirt… Walked into the tube you know you made my eyes burn.”

  • vassijli messina

    cosa significa tube? SCUSATE LA MIA IGNORANZA

  • Eli

    I don’t know why ,but he looks so gay,U know,the hair gel,the way he stands “`anyway,he is somking hot!

  • shallow sister

    I can’t remember if I commented on this one but he’s so irresistible that it’s worth mentioning it again

  • Anonymous

    my god a man that looked like him (facially and same outfit) hit on me once and I couldn’t move! So hot!