Spring Break!!

Date: 11th August 2011

Line: Commuter Train

Submitted By: Ben

Hmmm, I’m no detective but something tells me this guy might have been to Mexico. And you know what goes on in Mexico, other than lots of burrito making. Yes it’s SPRING BREAK i.e. lots of hot semi-naked bodies writhing in unison to the beat of sinful drum. *Scours YouTube for Spring Break videos*



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  1. Oooooh – thunderthighs!

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  2. I know a “Spring Break” video but don’t think it featured Mexico ..:-)

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  3. Phwoooooar!! :p

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  4. I’m upset

    This is NOT a tubecrush this is an overgroundrailcrush.net image

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  5. mira que bien que visitaste mi pais!!!
    asi queremos muchos turistas guapos.

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  6. Greetings from Mexico.

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