Woeful at Warren Street

Date: 30th July 2011

Line: Northern Line

Submitted By: James

We don’t know what’s got this seriously beautiful man looking so woeful at Warren Street but with those cheekbones and arms to die for, he really should forget his troubles and focus on being a professional stud. If anyone has any suggestions on how to cheer him up, leave a comment!



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  1. Is Warren Street heaven?

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  2. Oh my God! Yes! Yes! YES!!!

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  3. No doubt about it – he is stunning!

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  4. I want to kiss him better.

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  5. He is just GODfrey

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  6. Shallowsister2

    What an amazing body. I think we should insist he send us a pic of himself unclothed.

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  7. the guy looks like he just got dumped

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